Owning and Honing Your Personal Brand with Andrea Wojnicki

Decisions that impact your success are often made without you. Having a personal brand means owning the narrative of what others say about you when you’re not around.

This week’s Learning Nugget comes from a conversation about owning and honing personal brands with Andrea Wojnicki.

Andrea is a communication coach, Consumer Psychology expert, and self-proclaimed obsessive over understanding “why you said what you just said.”

This obsession has driven her career. She worked in marketing at Kraft Foods before earning a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing at Harvard Business School (her dissertation was on word-of-mouth!).

Fueled by deliberate practice and her insatiable desire to understand, Andrea created Talk about Talk, a learning platform to help executives boost their confidence and improve their communication skills.

Whether you run your own business or play a vital role on a team, it’s important to be in control of your narrative.

From this conversation you’ll learn:

  • Why a personal brand is so important.
  • Why entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who need a personal brand.
  • The value of focusing on your positive, unique, and relevant skills.
  • How to integrate the attributes and elements of your personal brand.
  • How personal brands evolve over time.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Andrea Wojnicki.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • [02:48 – 04:59] Andrea’s obsession with why people say what they say.
  • [05:00 – 07:26] Word-of-mouth and consumer expertise.
  • [07:27 – 08:47] Do benefits or features resonate more with people?
  • [08:48 – 13:32] Learning experiences: student vs. professional.
  • [13:33 – 17:27] The definition and importance of personal branding.
  • [17:28 – 23:05] Unique personal branding: archaeology vs. architecture.
  • [23:06 – 24:04] Prompts to find your own superpower.
  • [24:05 – 27:30] PUR personal brands: positive, unique, and relevant.
  • [27:31 – 32:48] Andrea’s final message and how to keep up with her.

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