No-Code to No-Limits: Benefits of Building In Public with KP

Welcome back to the Learning Culture Podcast!

This week’s Learning Nugget comes from a conversation with Karthik Puvvada. KP is a no-code builder, community leader, writer, podcast host, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups.

He has become the famed “Build In Public” expert across the internet, publishing resource after incredible resource on the topic to help founders and creators leverage this framework and build an audience on the internet.

  • The Build In Public Podcast features ambitious founders and creators chatting with KP about all things build-in-public.
  • The Build In Public Hub is his media site to inspire and teach founders and creators to join the movement.

Our conversation gets to the heart of KP’s inspiration and expertise.

You’ll learn:

  • How he used the idea of building in public to land his dream job.
  • How to play the infinite game, and the iteration game.
  • How to cultivate a bias for action/application.
  • The importance of genuine belief and skin in the game.
  • How and why to co-create with your audience.
  • What it means to keep yourself on the path of learning.

There isn’t anybody out there that I’ve met who understands and can talk about these ideas so eloquently. KP packages his years of experience into digestible lessons for those exploring the world of building in public.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with KP.

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Show Notes

  • [02:29 – 04:50] The karmic value of good work done consistently.
  • [04:51 – 08:48] KP’s intro to no-code; learning bias for application.
  • [08:49 – 10:36] Learning advice: slow down and give yourself grace.
  • [10:36 – 13:09] Curiosity and connections bridge knowledge gaps.
  • [13:10 – 19:43] KP’s extraordinary build-in-public job search.
  • [19:44 – 25:50] Dedication, consistency, and the key to balance.
  • [25:51 – 28:59] True leverage entails belief and skin in the game.
  • [29:00 – 33:07] Co-create with your audience.
  • [33:08 – 35:00] KP’s future plans.

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