Nicole Wilson on Tea: The More You Know The Better It Gets

Nicole Wilson on Tea: The More You Know The Better It Gets

Joining me this week is the tea expert, Nicole Wilson.

She has been exploring the world of tea and writing about what she learned on her blog Tea for Me Please since 2008. For the last 13 years she’s been following a passion, following her curiosity, learning everything she can about the topic, building a community around her, and sharing thoughts, ideas and value for people.  She’s been navigating the quintessential creative path. What makes it especially fascinating is that it’s in such a specific niche, which made for a very interesting and unique conversation.

Some of my biggest takeaways about the world of tea:

  • I learned that many drinks I thought were tea, are actually not tea at all.
  • How all tea comes from one plant.
  • How different varieties of tea are derived from strains of that one plant and different ways the tea is processed.
  • The health benefits of tea.
  • Where the phenomenon of iced tea and bubble tea came from.
  • The best way to prepare tea and how to go about finding interesting new teas to try.

If you didn’t know anything about tea, or thought maybe you weren’t that interested in tea, I guarantee you’ll find something of interest and value in this conversation with Nicole, who has such a vast knowledge of this everyday drink and is so generous with how much she shares of her experience.

So please sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy my conversation with Nicole Wilson.

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Show Notes

  • Taking the first sip. We discuss the early experiences in Nicole’s life that ignited her interest and love for tea. (00:02:19-00:04:10)
  • What’s so special about tea? (00:04:11-00:04:58)
  • We talk about how and why she started blogging about tea, and the community she has built around it. (00:04:59-00:08:06)
  • Find your people, speak to your people. How she got her content out on social media, and the meaningful relationships she has built with her audience. (00:08:07-00:10:47)
  • Nicole shares her journey of self-discovery that led to her becoming a “Tea Educator.” (00:10:48-00:13:13)
  • The never-ending story. We talk about Nicole’s process for learning about tea. (00:13:14-00:16:01)
  • A brief history of tea. (00:16:02-00:17:04)
  • Nicole talks about what is actually tea, and the two strengths of tea. (00:17:05-00:19:02)
  • A short history: The early beginnings of tea and how it spread all over the world. (00:19:03-00:20:54)
  • What is in tea, and how does it affect our bodies? (00:20:55-00:22:22)
  • We explore how different varieties of tea are derived from various strains of one plant and the ways in which tea is processed.(00:22:23-00:32:19)
  • What are the health benefits of tea? (00:32:20-00:35:30)
  • Where does the phenomenon of iced tea and bubble tea come from? (00:35:31-00:38:00)
  • Nicole shares a few tips on how to choose the right kind of tea for your personal tastes and needs. (00:38:01-00:39:28)
  • What’s the best way to prepare tea? (00:39:30-00:42:11)
  • We discuss how to go about finding interesting new teas to try. (00:42:12-00:43:47)
  • Nicole shares the tea she’s currently enjoying, what she recommends people to try, and suggestions on how to find your chosen tea. (00:43:48-00:46:53)
  • Where to get in touch with Nicole on social media. (00:46:54-00:47:25)

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