Never Win Alone, Never Lose Alone with Keith Weightman

Never Win Alone, Never Lose Alone with Keith Weightman

In today’s episode, Andrew sits down with Keith Weightman, RVP of Sales at Bullhorn, to dive into the essence of authentic engagement in both social media and sales. Keith shares his insights on the detrimental effects of robotic responses and highlights the importance of genuine conversations. Together, they explore the concept of “reps getting reps” – gaining as many experiences as possible to excel in sales – and discuss the challenges of training managers, especially underinvestment in this critical area.

Keith offers practical advice on adapting and thinking outside the box, and emphasizes the power of storytelling and visual learning. He also shares his leadership journey, revealing the significance of strong company culture and winning the moments in uncertain times. With a focus on active listening and problem-solving, this episode is packed with valuable lessons for sales professionals and leaders alike. So, tune in, as Andrew and Keith unpack the secrets to creating meaningful engagement and driving success.

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Show Notes

  • [04:41 — 08:56] Industry downturn requires new strategies for success.
  • [08:57 — 12:06] Sales enablement team improves skill-based training, partnership crucial.
  • [12:07 — 15:59] Sales training focused on effective discovery calls.
  • [16:00 — 18:27] Salespeople must actively listen and understand customers.
  • [18:28 — 22:52] Dialogue testing for understanding during problem-solving.
  • [22:53 — 24:41] Visualizing problems, improving meeting efficiency and clarity.
  • [24:42 — 30:02] Reps given tools, not forced to use.
  • [30:03 — 31:11] Mismatched expectations lead to necessary dismissals.
  • [31:12 — 35:12] Effective onboarding, support, and teamwork culture at Bullhorn.
  • [35:13 — 38:10] Group problem solving exercise lead to global thinking.
  • [38:11 — 41:47] Simplify problem-solving process with basic questions.
  • [41:48 — 45:37] Necessary training for managers is underfunded.
  • [45:38 — 47:06] Remaining calm, empathetic, and focusing on control.
  • [47:07 — 51:14] Perspective, control, learning, challenges in the profession.
  • [51:15 — 53:43] New reps need time to internalize a playbook.

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