Amy Volas Puts Me On The Hotseat

Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁 Welcome to the final episode of Season 1! I’m joined by none other than Amy Volas to put the cherry on top — in a very special way.

Amy is the founder of Avenue Talent Partners, a business that helps early-stage SaaS startups hire executive sales and CS leaders. She’s an incredible follow on LinkedIn and a dear friend of mine.

Amy also tells it like it is. Unprompted, this episode evolved into a hot-seat… for me. It’s a vulnerable and constructive conversation about positioning, clarity, and the idea that what you know doesn’t earn trust; how you show up does.

Together, Amy and I Windex-ed the window through which I’ve been looking at my company. You’ll have to tune in to learn more about that reference!

Without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy this last episode of Season 1 with Amy Volas!

[P.S. The long-time listeners among us will have realized this podcast season has been 74 episodes long! We’ll move into an exciting and more singularly focused season two after a short break.]

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Show Notes

  • [0:04:00 — 0:08:43] Good friends tell you what you need to hear.
  • [0:08:44 — 0:17:00] The “so-what” factor of clear communication.
  • [0:17:00 — 0:21:52] How you show up earns you trust.
  • [0:21:53 — 0:29:00] Talking at vs. talking with people.
  • [0:29:01 — 0:32:29] Trimming complexity and talking to customers.
  • [0:32:30 — 0:37:05] Dangers of assumptions / Amy’s love for Windex.
  • [0:37:06 — 0:42:45] Exploring the nuance of “learning.”
  • [0:42:46 — 0:54:53] New positioning hot-seat.
  • [0:54:54 — 0:58:10] Choose-your-own-adventure books.
  • [0:58:11 — 1:03:11] Distilling learning to make it learnable by others.
  • [1:03:12 — 1:11:28] Vulnerability + homework + validation = a successful hot seat.

Selected Links from the Episode

The Fixed Mindset Trap

The Solution Map

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