Micro-learning In The Flow Of Work with Steffaney Zohrabyan

My guest today is Steffaney Zohrabyan.

Steffaney is the Sales Enablement, Innovation, and Insights Leader for Cisco. She specializes in microlearning in the flow of work. This was an education for me around the role technology can play to nudge, prompt, and enable people to make the right decisions in specific moments.

I think the impact of this work when combined with the power of cohort-based learning, which is obviously near and dear to our hearts at Curious Lion, is a potent combination.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Cisco employs the 70-20-10 model and how Steffaney’s work centers around that 70.
  • How to make knowledge transfer fun.
  • The very important difference between being a practitioner and being a strategist.
  • Microlearning in the flow of work.
  • Why cohort-based learning is so powerful for companies like Cisco.
  • A four-step career development framework that Steffaney learned from Dorie Clark: learning, creating, networking, and reaping.

If you are in Sales Enablement or you’re looking to break into the field, you’ll find something for you in this episode. Steffaney is a ton of fun to talk with, so this was a really enjoyable episode – I’m sure you will enjoy listening to it.

Please sit back and enjoy my episode with Steffaney Zohrabyan.

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Show Notes

  • Fun facts about Steffaney. (00:02:45-00:04:55)
  • A brief history and background on how she got into the enablement space. (00:04:56-00:08:10)
  • The connection between teaching and leadership. (00:08:11-00:12:00)
  • How Cisco applies the 70-20-10 model, and how that 70% is central to her work (00:12:01-00:16:49)
  • The crucial distinction between a strategist and a practitioner. (00:16:50-00:18:33)
  • Steffaney’s role and day to day work at Cisco. (00:18:34-00:21:28)
  • Sales and enablement: similarities and how they operate at Cisco. (00:22:07-00:32:14)
  • Why cohort-based learning is so effective for companies like Cisco. (00:32:15-00:36:04)
  • What learning culture means to Steffaney. (00:36:05-00:38:18)
  • What is she learning/reading about now? (00:38:19-00:39:54)
  • What motivates Steffaney to do what she loves. (00:39:55-00:42:01)
  • Advice on getting started for individuals interested in this space. (00:42:02-00:43:45)
  • Dorie Clark’s career development framework. (00:43:46-00:45:12)

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