Micro-KPIs – Showing Correlation not Causation with Kristen McCrae McMullan

Joining me this week was Kristen McCrae McMullan.

Kristen is the Global Enablement Leader for Amazon Web Services ProServe.

She first appeared on my radar at the beginning of this year when she released a three-part “new year’s resolution” series on topics that were top-of-mind for her in enablement.

The first part of that series was a topic called “Micro-KPIs” – and it’s something that I have not been able to stop thinking about since I read it. I found myself explaining it to others as if it were my own idea.

It was really cool to connect with the person that gave me an idea that has been germinating in my mind ever since. We had an opportunity to geek out about the idea and go deep into what it means.

For the uninitiated among us, micro-KPIs are a potential solution for measuring and showing the impact of enablement efforts. I think it’s a fantastic approach to breaking down business goals and working backward to, in Kristen’s terminology, micro-KPIs that you can directly impact and show correlation (not causation), to the business metrics that you are ultimately measured on.

We explore all things micro-KPI in terms of how to set them up, what some of the top challenges people face are, and what Kristen’s go-to micro-KPIs are. We also break down for you a very simple step-by-step approach so that you can go and set up your own KPIs right now.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy my episode with Kristen McCrae McMullan.

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Show Notes

  • What does Learning Culture mean to Kristen? (00:03:58-00:06:32)
  • Her top priorities and goals for enablement, as well as her approach. (00:06:33-00:10:04)
  • Identifying essential skills and attributes needed to be effective in a job. (00:10:05-00:12:47)
  • Kristen’s challenges and struggles, and the lessons learned along the way. (00:12:48-00:17:02)
  • How she developed her ideas about micro-KPIs. (00:17:03-00:19:02)
  • How micro-KPIs can directly impact and show correlation, not causation. (00:19:41-00:20:45)
  • Measuring behavior change. (00:20:46-00:23:05)
  • Details on Micro-KPIs, including how to set them up and test them. (00:23:06-00:31:11)
  • Kristen’s go-to micro-KPI and how to implement it. (00:31:43-00:32:05)
  • Simple step-by-step approach on how you can set up your own KPIs. (00:32:06-00:37:04)
  • What is Kristen learning about now? (00:37:27-00:38:58)
  • Why does she do what she does? (00:38:59-00:40:29)
  • Where you can find Kristen on social media. (00:40:30-00:41:10)

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