Mentorship Lessons from the World’s #1 CEO Mentor with David CM Carter (Part 1)

Joining me this week is David CM Carter.

David is known as the world’s leading CEO mentor.

He started to build his reputation by taking a small FTSE (or Fortune 5000 for Americans) company to IPO.

But then he expanded, going on to help other CEOs take much larger companies public and beyond.

The things David spoke about in this conversation resonated deeply with things that I think about all the time.

We have decided to release it as two episodes.

In this first episode, you’re going to hear David explain what it was like constructing the world’s leading CEO mentoring company.

And you’re going to learn:

  • How to set up a great mentor relationship.
  • Why choosing your partner is so important, and how to go about it.
  • Why to start with deep, holistic work (I’m so glad that he mentioned this – it’s something we do a lot of).
  • Accountability.

Those ingredients combined made David one of the world’s leading CEO mentors during his time running this company.

You’ll get tons of value out of this episode on the topic of mentorship, which, as David describes in the beginning, is different from coaching.

This is applicable in sales enablement and lots of manager-to-individual-contributor relationships because, in most cases, the senior person is the one who has the experience and really can be the mentor for new hires.

If you want to learn more about how mentoring works from one of the world’s best CEO mentors, tune in now.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with David Carter.

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Show Notes

  • What mentorship means to David, and how to set up a great mentor relationship. (00:03:26-00:11:09)
  • How to choose the right partner, and why it matters. (00:11:10-00:13:16)
  • Deep, holistic work. (00:13:17-00:18:33)
  • Self-discovery, awareness, and accountability. (00:18:34-00:21:22)

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