Mentors May Be Your Most Important Role

This week will feature 13 different guests of ours, all speaking and sharing their wisdom on the topic of mentorship.

I’m thrilled to present this mashup episode as a way to give thanks to our growing community. My incredible team has pulled together clips and categorized them in a way that allows me to go in and start looking for patterns and commonalities between the different guest conversations. And today, I want to present to you the very first of those on mentorship. I’m super excited to dive in here.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about the incredibly important topic of mentors.

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Show Notes

  • Marcus Miller on the importance of mentorship in the development process and the lessons he took away from his three mentors. (00:01:19-00:07:54)
  • Ravi Raman on the distinction between a coach and a mentor. (00:07:55-00:11:30)
  • Paul LeCrone on finding mentors, what mentorship looks like, feedback, deliberate practice, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. (00:11:31-00:17:15)
  • Nate Kadlac on how mentors can accelerate your learning and open your eyes to possibilities. (00:17:16-00:19:22)
  • Kibwé Johnson on how his mentors inspired him simply by listening to them and how they helped him develop accountability. (00:19:23-00:24:28)
  • Robbie Crabtree on how using deliberate practice and leveling up with mentors sped up his development as a trial lawyer. (00:25:08-00:30:52)
  • Alex van den Heever on how mentors can inspire you to develop intrinsic motivation. (00:30:53-00:38:08)
  • Alex & Books on providing value first, in order to get value from the mentor relationship. (00:38:09-00:41:32)
  • Ali Abdaal on mentors from afar. (00:41:33-00:46:47)
  • Marianna Phillips on the role of mentors that helped her forge her own path. (00:46:48-00:52:50)
  • Gareth Graham on writing and the role of mentors and feedback. (00:52:51-00:55:38)
  • Danny Miranda on the process of immersive learning, deliberate practice, and how his mentors naturally appeared along the way, by just following his curiosity. (00:55:39-00:59:44)
  • Chris Sparks on being a mentor and how teaching others is one of the best ways to learn for yourself. (00:59:45-1:04:01)

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