Marina Mogilko on How to Be Yourself and Thrive in the Creator Economy

Marina Mogilko on How to Be Yourself and Thrive in the Creator Economy

Joining me this week is Marina Mogilko: a successful entrepreneur, YouTuber, Tik Tok star, investor, and mother. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she grew up with parents who emphasized the importance of learning another language. She was naturally drawn to English, and it became the spark that kickstarted her creator journey.

After spending time in the UK, she realized she wanted to move to the US, intent on building her own business. At the age of 23, she moved to California, pursuing an MBA, eager to grow her entrepreneurial insight. She conceived and formalized her startup, LinguaTrip, which is a booking platform for language courses.

She has gone on to start not one, not two, but three wildly successful YouTube channels which have accelerated the growth of her personal brand and her business.

Lingua Marina – her channel in which she teaches English has over 4 million subscribers

Silicon Valley Girl – a channel about life in Silicon Valley has over 460,000 subscribers

Marina Mogilko – her Russian channel, which was her first, has over 1.3 million subscribers, for a combined total of nearly 6 million people who look forward to receiving content from her every week.

Marina is a creator at heart, and today she spends her time creating and helping others create. This conversation revealed many great tips on how to build an audience, how to balance work and life, how to reach out to big-name guests for your work, and how to use the power of leverage to be a superwoman. In talking to Marina, I’m pretty convinced she is a superwoman, and I’m sure you will be too.

Please enjoy my conversation with Marina Mogilko.

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Show Notes

  • Marina talks about growing an audience, and what it feels like to have over 6m combined YouTube subscribers. (00:02:42-00:03:31)
  • More about her early experiences with learning and how she shares it with others. (00:03:46-00:04:18)
  • Beginning the journey. What drew her to YouTube, and why she started blogging. (00:04:27-00:06:13)
  • Keeping the flame alive, the beautiful pain of YouTube. Marina discusses her desire and drives in making YouTube videos. (00:07:03-00:07:58)
  • Lessons learned along the way. We speak about the time she made her first Russian video, and how that built towards her first English video. (00:08:19-00:10:08)
  • The logistics of making a YouTube video. The importance of bringing value and respecting your audience. (00:10:09-00:10:50)
  • Understanding algorithms and using that insight to craft videos. Repurposing videos across other social media networks to maximize reach. (00:10:51-00:12:44)
  • The attractive power of your own story. Marina discusses drawing her audience in through sharing stories from her own life experiences. (00:13:00-00:15:14)
  • Pleasing your audience Vs. Pleasing yourself. Marina shares thoughts on making videos for her target audience, and as well as for herself. (00:15:15-00:16:17)
  • Redirecting negative energy. Marina offers advice on internet hate, and how she deals with negative feedback. (00:16:22-00:18:22)
  • Your people will guide you. We discuss her relationship with her audience and how to use your followers to help choose the right content. (00:18:23-00:20:49)
  • Don’t drop the crown. Marina speaks on the importance of consistency when crafting videos and building an audience. (00:20:50-00:23:06)
  • Workflows, glorious workflows! Marina shares her entire process for choosing content and creating videos. (00:23:27-00:26:31)
  • Be memorable. We talk about naming your content, and Marina offers a few tips when choosing a title. (00:26:36-00:29:10)
  • Speaking to giants. It can feel intimidating to reach out to bigger creators, but many are not as unreachable as you’d think. Marina discusses getting popular guests on her show, and what she’s learned. (00:29:11-00:31:54)
  • It’s all in the Name. Marina shares her thoughts on the significance of picking the right name for a channel. (00:31:55-00:32:53)
  • Making money, making videos. Marina discusses her business, LinguaTrip and how she started creating YouTube videos. (00:32:54-00:34:28)
  • The beauty of language. We speak about Marina’s motivation for learning new languages and the sense of purpose she feels for spreading this learning. (00:34:29-00:36:57)
  • Tell me a story. How Marina guides and motivates her students through storytelling. (00:36:58-00:38:36)
  • Marina’s approach to language learning. (00:38:37-00:40:20)
  • The distance learning revolution. The growing shift to digital learning, and Marina’s thoughts on online education. (00:40:21-00:43:39)
  • The importance of relatability and authenticity. (00:43:40-00:45:19)
  • Marina shares courses that have made a big impact on her learning journey. (00:45:20-00:47:13)
  • Marina talks about her upcoming project, a cohort-based course. (00:47:14-00:48:05)
  • Doing it all with a smile. How she manages to be a creator, businesswoman, and mother of two. (00:48:06-00:52:30)
  • Marina’s daily routine and what her day looks like. (00:52:34-00:54:32)
  • Don’t burn out. Handling the strains and stresses of life and the importance of mental health. (00:54:33-00:56:37)
  • The future is bright. Marina shares the most exciting opportunities she sees now and what keeps her motivated to keep learning. (00:56:38-00:59:01)
  • Marina’s upcoming projects and where you can get in touch with her. (00:59:27-1:00:00)

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