Marie Poulin on Thinking In Systems: How Notion Can Help You Do It

How Notion Can Help You Do It

Marie is a lifestyle and business designer, who helps business owners level up their digital systems, workflow and product eco-systems so that they can spend more time on what really matters. Marie is also a Notion expert. She is the course creator of the highly successful and popular Notion Mastery course and is an absolute wizard at Notion. Marie was one of the early tinkerers of the tool and developed a following around the way she used it.

Marie doesn’t just teach Notion, she teaches you how to think. This is an incredibly powerful way of teaching an intimidating and complex tool.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • What exactly is Marie’s skill set and why was Notion a good fit for her? What makes her good at understanding the tool and explaining it to other people? (2:23-5:15)
  • When did Marie first come across Notion? (5:16-9:32)
  • What was her process like when she first started? (9:33-11:16)
  • How do you reconcile a messy mind with a structured approach to Notion? (11:17-13:30)
  • When did Marie decide to start sharing her knowledge online? (13:35-17:40)
  • Marie’s learning process to be an accidental pro-YouTuber. (17:44-19:10)
  • Marie on how to set up projects and challenges for yourself. (19:47-21:42)
  • How does Marie integrate what she learns into her courses? (21:44-22:34)
  • How did Marie deal with the rapid growth of her online content’s popularity? (23:40-27:20)
  • The balance between core principles and different use-cases. (27:22-32:24)
  • How much time does Marie spend on building her business brand? (32:28-34:17)
  • The pressure of being the expert. (34:18-36:39)
  • What is Marie’s motivation? (36:40-39:56)
  • How to scale connection. (39:57-42:20)
  • How to convince yourself to do the tasks you don’t feel passionate about, but need to be done. (42:22-44:43)
  • No one has it all figured out. (45:00-48:00)
  • Goal setting. (48:00-49:27)
  • What tools does Marie use other than Notion? (49:28-50:34)
  • Is Notion really the tool to rule them all? (50:44- 52:35)
  • Is Roam still necessary? (52:36-54:23)
  • Marie’s thoughts on Systems Thinking. (54:26-55:55)
  • How important is it to have a working knowledge of systems thinking to work effectively in Notion? (55:56-56:25)
  • Notion and productivity. (56:26-59:19)
  • How do Marie and August Bradley differ in teaching and using Notion? (59:22-1:00:43)
  • Perma-culture (1:00:46-1:03:53)
  • Education is freedom. What is the future of education? (1:03:54-1:08:00)
  • Teaching teams (1:08:00-1:10:00)

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