Marianna Phillips on The Science of Art and The Art of Science

Marianna Phillips on the science of art and the art of science

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Marianna Phillips who is a visual artist and writer exploring the intersections of learning and brainstorming how we can collectively foster more creativity and curiosity in the world.

Marianna is a partner and writer at Forcing Function. She explores these intersections through her creative project Weird Little Lines. She also co-founded The Math Plus Music Series and has an interview series of her own on her website called On Creativity.

Marianna and I go deep into the creative process: how to get unstuck creatively, how to capture ideas, how to set yourself up for success when it’s time to sit down and create and so much more.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Does Marianna identify more as an artist or as an educator? (02:07-02:36)
  • What drew her into art? (02:38-03:45)
  • Marianna talks about the influence her parents had on her in terms of art. (04:08-04:57)
  • Marianna explains why innovation blossoms at the intersection of fields especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths. (05:04-07:12)
  • Her views on traditional education vs critical thinking & mastery. (07:13-09:00)
  • Her thoughts on how to create a different way of thinking in learning. (09:01-10:25)
  • Who influenced her in terms of the creative side and analytical side of thinking? (11:34-12:31)
  • When did she start to identify as an artist? (12:32-13:12)
  • Her thoughts on why people resist being labeled as creative. (13:14-14:16)
  • Talking about the type of creativity with which she is more associated with. (14:18-16:38)
  • How much time does she spend thinking about art as a craft and intentionally working on the craft? (16:40-19:19)
  • What role did formal education play for her in terms of learning how to write, draw and paint? (19:20-22:24)
  • Marianna talks about the mentors she had. (22:25-25:10)
  • Her thoughts on the concept of Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. (25:12-27:50)
  • The leaps of understanding that she went through in her journey. (28:50-33:20)
  • How much time did she dedicate to her art while she was pursuing a track in law? (33:30-35:02)
  • Talking about the creative block and the process of being unstuck creatively. (35:10-38:50)
  • The power of constraints and how constrained she is. (38:50-41:55)
  • How does she avoid distraction? (41:46-45:52)
  • Marianna talks about how she organizes her memory. (45:53-48:38)
  • Cultivating a strong practical and creative intuition. (48:39-50:27)
  • Marianna explains “seeing the world in terms of line drawing”. (50:28-52:45)
  • The project she’s working on and the intersection between arts and education. (53:00-57:15)
  • Marianna on Weird Little Lines. (57:16-1:02:15)
  • Does she see herself using art to create awareness for education? (1:02:16-1:03:36)
  • Art is what makes everything so accessible from Marianna’s point of view. (1:03:37-1:05:05)
  • Marianna talks about the conversation she had with Merrit Moore. (1:05:07-1:07:23)
  • The benefits she gets from conducting interviews with different people. (1:07:27-1:09:47)
  • What influences are playing in her children’s book project? (1:09:50-1:13:05)
  • Does she have a system to capture her ideas in her workflow? (1:13:07-1:14:52)
  • How does she manage instant capture of ideas? (1:14:52-1:17:25)

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