Luba Yudasina on the Creator Journey, from Just Start to Finding Joy in the Process

Luba Yudasina on the Creator Journey, from Just Start to Finding Joy in the Process

Joining me this week was Luba Yudasina. Luba is a content creator with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. She’s an entrepreneur, an opera singer, and a serial learner. Having started a business that connects US-based companies with Eastern European tech talents, her journey unfolds as a series of pivots as she follows the scent of a new epiphany.

She grew up in Belarus, spending time in Canada and Germany, before finding herself working as a software engineer at companies like Airbnb and Yelp. She went from being a software engineer to more managerial Chief of Staff and Product Manager roles, before finally committing fully to the creative path.

This episode is a lesson in just getting started. Luba identifies herself as somewhat of a creative failure, which might be surprising to those watching all her success from the outside. But that attitude of self-reflection is what allows her to draw valuable lessons from failure or times of difficulty, insights which she shares with us in this episode.

We speak about:

  • The importance of mentors, how collaborating with people is a valuable way to create, especially in what can often be a lonely pursuit.
  • How important it is to check in with yourself, to make sure that you’re being true to who you really are- because creating is an incredibly long and emotionally taxing journey. To succeed, you need to be authentic.
  • How finding joy in the process is one of the keys to being consistent.

If you’re curious about the creator economy, this conversation with Luba will open up your eyes to the emotional and mindset aspects of building a business and forging your own creative path.

Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Luba Yudasina.

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Show Notes

  • Location is everything. Luba briefly talks about a piece of land she bought in New Mexico. (00:02:36-00:03:31)
  • Forge your own way. We speak about Luba’s path as a creator and the decisions she made to carve her own path. (00:03:35-00:05:04)
  • A performer at heart: Her early childhood experiences and what inspired her to build her own YouTube channel as a creative outlet. (00:05:11-00:07:02)
  • Luba speaks on her early childhood aspirations, ambitions, and plans for the future; as well as why she chose the field of Chemical Engineering. (00:07:03-00:10:34)
  • A leap of faith. We discuss the story behind her transition from Chemical Engineering to Computer Science and the world of Tech. (00:10:35-00:16:13)
  • Entering the world of Tech: What kept her motivated and the challenges she faced along the way. (00:16:14-00:20:06)
  • Luba tells us about the attributes of people from Eastern Europe. (00:20:50-00:22:21)
  • Goal setting, outcome orientation, and the advantages and disadvantages of manifestation. (00:22:22-00:25:16)
  • The middle path. Luba shares how she maintains a balance between focusing on her goals and finding joy in the process. (00:25:17-00:29:26)
  • Fail fast, learn quickly. We talk about the lessons Luba has learned at this point in her life, and the things she feels she could have done differently. (00:29:29-00:31:41)
  • Content in King. Luba walks us through her experience as a Content Creator, and the important lessons she learned from content creation and being a YouTuber. (00:31:45-00:38:05)
  • Community first. Luba’s advice on building a community, fostering engagement, and the importance of authenticity and experimentation.(00:38:06-00:42:07)
  • The whims of the internet. We talk about the unpredictability of what makes a video go viral. (00:42:08-00:44:11)
  • The significance of bringing in your own experience, personality, and creativity when creating content. (00:44:12-00:48:20)
  • Luba talks about her Hackathon, “Collective” – an upcoming collaboration for the creator space, and what we can expect from it. (00:48:21-00:53:04)
  • Fire builds character. We discuss the importance of venturing out of your comfort zone. (00:53:05-00:56:53)
  • The Silicon Valley mentality: opening up to all possibilities, taking risks, and learning from failures. (00:56:54-00:58:48)
  • Luba’s advice for aspiring content creators. (00:58:49-1:00:04)
  • Reach for the stars! We talk about the exciting future and possibilities of the creative space. (1:00:05-1:02:17)
  • Everything is relevant. Luba shares how she applies lessons she learned from opera singing, into other domains of her creative journey. (1:02:18-1:05:28)

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