Lessons from 1.3M Handwritten Notes on Organizational Learning with Andrew Gibbons

Joining me this week is Andrew Gibbons.

Andrew is a Management Development Consultant from the UK. He has been helping people learn for the last 40 years. That’s right, 40 years of experience, and during that time, he’s been building a “Learning Log”.

This learning log, in which he talks about how he was inspired to do it at the very beginning, is a fantastic example of curiosity put to good use.

This learning log now consists of 1.3 million handwritten words about all things learning, leadership, management, learning culture – all the great topics that we talk about on the show. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Andrew and pick his brain and talk about theories and ideas that have been around for decades that are still not being embraced today.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Andrew’s definition of learning: the long-term change in behavior brought about by experience.
  • How learning is incremental and iterative.
  • The relationship between learning and reward.
  • The right way to write learning outcomes.
  • The importance of risk-taking in organizational learning.
  • How you can use meetings and the reviews at the end of meetings as a learning tool.
  • Loads of other mental models and frameworks for thinking about leadership and learning in organizations.

This conversation was like wandering through a library of all the topics that are most interesting and exciting to me. If you’ve been a longtime listener of this podcast, or if you’re just stumbling upon this for the first time and the topic interests you, this is the perfect place to start.

So, please sit back and enjoy my episode with Andrew Gibbons.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • The differences between training and learning. (00:02:55-00:07:13)
  • Learning through experience and what learning is like for Andrew. (00:07:14-00:09:26)
  • The incremental and iterative nature of learning. (00:09:27-00:15:48)
  • Andrew’s passions, curiosities, experiences, and practices from the last 40 years of learning research. (00:15:49-00:20:02)
  • Repetitive patterns in the learning space and Andrew’s thoughts about them. (00:20:03-00:33:58)
  • The relationship between learning and reward, and learning outcomes. (00:33:59-00:40:39)
  • The importance of learning in management. (00:40:40-00:44:39)
  • Using meetings and the reviews that follow them as learning opportunities. (00:44:40-00:50:10)
  • What does a healthy learning culture look like? (00:50:11-00:54:44)

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