Learning To Let Go with Adriana Romero

Learning To Let Go with Adriana Romero

Today’s episode features an enlightening conversation with our distinguished guest, Adriana Romero. Together, we dive deep into the intricacies of Sales Enablement, the journey from understanding a product to illuminating its real-world impact on customers and the team behind it.

In this rich discussion, Adriana shares her wealth of knowledge, from the critical role of communication in enabling sales teams, to her personal mantra of letting go of full control and encouraging trust within organizations. We also explore her transformative advice to her younger self, urging an openness to mistakes and new experiences.

And that’s not all. Adriana walks us through her unique “develop your why” exercise, a powerful tool for maintaining motivation during challenging times. We unpack the productivity triangle of structure, skills, and mindset, while also touching on the significance of individual values and the impact they have on larger organizational learning cultures.

With anecdotes from her own shift from Salesforce to OpenText, Adriana brings to light the common principles of productivity irrespective of audience differences. You’ll gain insights into fostering a learning culture, not only for individuals but also for front-line managers—a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of sales organizations.

Join us for a session that’s as much about embracing our human elements in sales as it is about the systematic approaches to enablement.

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Show Notes

  • [04:26 — 04:51] Sales enablement expert advises letting go of control.
  • [04:52 — 09:49] Pivoting to serve different audiences in sales.
  • [09:50 — 12:56] Understanding and improving sales through in-depth discovery.
  • [12:57 — 16:10] Immerse in sales process to understand the company.
  • [16:11 — 19:01] Control your effort, mindset, learning, interactions. Accept uncertainty.
  • [19:02 — 22:10] Sales success relies on genuine interest and belief.
  • [22:11 — 25:15] Sales success requires the basics, and time management skills.
  • [25:16 — 27:33] Inspiring session leads to renewed motivation — keep it.
  • [27:34 — 31:17] Adding your why as the fifth lesson.
  • [31:18 — 34:59] Investing in manager playbook, focusing on well-being.
  • [35:00 — 39:35] Utilizing Agile Framework in diverse management challenges.
  • [39:36 — 41:50] Understanding the importance of product development.
  • [41:51 — 44:22] Last piece of advice from Adriana.

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