Learn: The Art of Performance by Robbie Crabtree

Learn: The Art of Performance by Robbie Crabtree

Perhaps the most important part about the work that we do comes in the final delivery of the live learning sessions that form part of our Cohort Learning Experiences. The success of rolling out a transformational learning experience greatly relies on you being a confident and inspiring facilitator for the people that come through the program.

We’ve pulled together clips from a very good friend of mine and Content Advisor to Curious Lion, Robbie Crabtree. Robbie is a former trial attorney with over 100 cases tried – an incredible depth of experience in persuading audiences. He found a company called Performative Speaking, where he works with founders and helped them raise over $100 million in venture capital.

I asked Robbie to put together some thoughts on how to be a better facilitator. The rest of this episode takes you through that presentation in a shortened format, you’ll learn 8 important things:

  1. Starting strong. It’s about understanding how you want the people attending your live session to feel and how to set yourself up for success by taking on two personas – teacher and performer.
  2. Do I need to memorize lines? Robbie introduces a concept called extemporaneous speaking, offering you advice and relief that you don’t have to memorize every single word.
  3. Simplifying and making things memorable. It’s a simple rule of thumb to have in the back of your head as you’re delivering information.
  4. Don’t overdo it – less is more, and Robbie gives some good examples about that.
  5. Embrace mistakes. Most of the time, your attendees in those last sessions don’t even know when you make a mistake.
  6. There are no dumb questions – Robbie introduces good ways to get that across to people up front so they feel safe enough to ask questions.
  7. Your line of vision is important to build trust. The often tricky situation, where you are looking at another screen off to the side to see people’s faces, versus looking at them in the eye by looking at your camera, can be hard to navigate. Robbie talks about the difference between those two and the best way to navigate these differences.
  8. Finish big.

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Show Notes

  • The importance of starting strong and how to immerse yourself into two personas – teacher and performer. (00:03:32-00:06:04)
  • What is Extemporaneous Speaking and why does simplifying your speech make it more memorable? (00:06:43-00:07:41)
  • Playing it smooth: embracing mistakes and how to handle them. (00:07:42-00:08:13)
  • How do you make your audience feel safe to ask questions? (00:08:14-00:08:59)
  • The impact of eye contact. (00:09:00-00:09:33)
  • The power of an inspiring and eloquent finish. (00:09:34-00:11:15)


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