Leader-First Onboarding with Allison Sword

My guest this week is Allison Sword.

Allison is the Senior Manager of Revenue Enablement at Restaurant365. She has an incredible track record in the industry in sales enablement and has been around since the beginning.

She was a sales leader herself before that, bringing tons of experience to her role. She’s also very involved in the WiSE community in Chicago and has learned a lot from meeting and networking with people in the space.

We sat down and unpacked her experiences and reassembled them into a practical format for all of you listening. Specifically, we talked about onboarding and Alison’s take on what she calls “Leader-First Onboarding.

You’ll learn:

  • How to become more strategic.
  • What “Leader-First” means.
  • How to streamline onboarding and tie it to metrics.
  • The shared responsibilities between enablement and sales leaders, especially in the 0-30- and 30-60-day ranges of onboarding.
  • The challenges of onboarding, i.e., not understanding onboarding and its changing nature.
  • Key behaviors and the importance of practice.
  • How to spend your time as a sales leader and as a sales enabler.
  • A practical way to capture and share win stories to help people learn from each other (a concept that is near and dear to my heart).

This conversation had been a long time coming with Allison, and I’m glad we got the chance to record it for all of you.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Allison Sword.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • Allison’s shifting role and her top priorities at Restaurant365. (00:03:50-00:08:59)
  • “Leader-First Onboarding” at Restaurant365. (00:09:00-00:13:26)
  • The challenges of onboarding. (00:13:27-00:19:45)
  • Focus on behaviors and the importance of practice. (00:19:46-00:25:03)
  • A practical way to capture and share win stories. (00:25:04-00:27:09)
  • The importance of coaching time, as sales leaders and sales enablers. (00:27:10-00:34:52)
  • Allison’s current focuses, projects, and learnings. (00:34:53-00:39:02)
  • Why does Allison do what she does? (00:39:03-00:40:01)
  • Allison’s final message to our listeners. (00:40:02-00:42:01)

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