Equality, Hybrid Work, Reinforcement and Learning Across Functions with Kason Morris

Kason Morris: Coffee with L&D

Joining me this week is Kason Morris.

Kason is the Head of Learning Experience Design at Salesforce,  an American cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. It’s a fairly new role that has seen him work at a number of blue chip companies throughout his career path that he intentionally designed.

He brings a deep understanding of design thinking to the work that he does in designing a learning experience. Kason thinks deeply around what it means to integrate work and learning into your life, as well as how to intentionally design your career.

We start off our conversation talking about the role that agency plays and how to develop that in an employee population. We unpack what Kason calls “timeless skills” – skills that are both durable and in demand. We brainstorm a bunch of great examples of these types of skills, the ultimate of which is probably learning how to learn.

In this conversation, you will discover:

  • How learning can help create both a competitive advantage, as well as equality in your company.
  • What role experiential learning has to play in a hybrid world.
  • How to think about reinforcement of learning, and specifically how to build a technology driven reinforcement engine – which promotes both competence and confidence in your employees.
  • How to think about learning culture in cross functional ways and at scale.

The philosophy at the core of Kason’s work is that career development and the agency to intentionally design your own career should be embedded in every role and job. We unpack exactly what that means in this episode.

Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Kason Morris.

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Show Notes

  • The early beginnings: how Kason started his journey. (00:03:28-00:06:05)
  • The role of agency and how to develop that in an employee population. (00:06:06-00:12:51)
  • What are timeless skills? (00:12:52-00:18:01)
  • Kason shares how Salesforce empowers and focuses on driving learning experiences from a design point of view; and how learning helps create competitive advantage and equality. (00:18:01-00:21:30)
  • What should you focus on? The day to day at Salesforce, the company’s priorities and what’s coming up in the near future. (00:21:31-00:24:40)
  • What role does experiential learning play in a hybrid world? (00:24:41-00:27:12)
  • Reinforcement of learning and how to build a technology driven reinforcement engine. (00:27:13-00:29:33)
  • What is Learning Culture and how do we think about it in cross functional ways and at scale? (00:29:34-00:32:32)
  • Ecosystem and the idea of collective intelligence in an organization. (00:32:33-00:33:56)
  • How Kason leverages technology and systems in his own organization. (00:33:57-00:35:45)
  • We explore the core philosophy of Kason’s work – career development and the agency to intentionally design our own careers. (00:35:46-00:39:00)
  • How do you get leadership buy-in? (00:39:01-00:41:10)
  • Why are learning and work often misconstrued as two separate things? (00:41:11-00:43:48)
  • The motivation behind the drive – Kason shares why he does what he does. (00:43:49-00:46:27)
  • A healthy information diet- what he’s currently interested in and learning about. (00:46:28-00:49:55)
  • Kason’s aspirations for the world of learning and development in organizational learning. (00:49:56-00:53:20)
  • A special message to our listeners and where you can find him on social media. (00:53:21-00:54:29)


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