Jobs To Be Done with Sean Adams

Today’s episode is about the mental friction that holds back a sale, why sellers struggle with it, and Sean Adams’ approach to overcoming it.

Sean is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Iorad, a platform that helps you create tutorials quickly and easily. He’s also a big part of the enablement and sales community on LinkedIn.

Selling through Sean’s eyes is about understanding circumstances, not features. For sellers who have never truly been in their customers’ shoes, that’s a tall order.

He and his team at Iorad approach that challenge with the Jobs To Be Done framework. This conversation became a practical discussion of how to apply the framework to the sales process.

Press play to learn about:

  • Customer interviews to develop personas and “day-in-the-life” stories
  • Turning insights into programs to inspire and educate sellers
  • Structuring discovery to tease out personas and JTBD workflows
  • Telling the customer’s story through other customers’ successes
  • Immersing the sales team in the customer’s perspective
  • Why advocacy is missing from today’s sales culture, and how JTBD can help fill that gap

This is a Learning Culture Podcast bread-and-butter kind of episode. It’s filled with stories and tactical insights that you can bring into the fold of your work today.

With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Sean Adams.

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Show Notes

  • [00:03:53] Sean’s history and a story of addressing obstacles head-on in SaaS.
  • [00:08:15] The mad dash into tech sales and the repercussions of it.
  • [00:11:21] Understanding customers’ needs and daily experiences.
  • [00:16:09] “A day in the life of a customer” and real insights from real Q&A sessions.
  • [00:22:20] Building a persona terminology library and a process flow.
  • [00:25:41] Building an academy and courses for sales training.
  • [00:29:35] Manufacturing experience for reps through intentional training.
  • [00:34:11] Advice for former Sean: self-evaluation is key.
  • [00:37:42] Talk to customers for valuable insights and growth.

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