Innovation Training Is Possible: Here’s How

Joining me this week is you.

This episode is a special one. I’m going to break down a recent experience I had for your benefit.

I’m recording this on March 1st, 2023.

We conducted a Creativity and Innovation training workshop for a client in San Francisco last week.

It was an incredible experience.

We partnered up with Sarah Lagrotteria, who is the wife of a previous guest on the show, and the creator of the methodology that we were teaching, Dr. Angus Fletcher.

In this episode, I share my experience teaching this stuff, and we’ll weave in parts of my conversation with Angus to help solidify this view.

I want to make this episode as practical as possible. For that purpose, we’re going to have a goal.

Our goal together is going to be to unpack training and creativity.

More accurately, training innovation in a way that’s practical.

I want you to take this episode and listen to it multiple times, then put these ideas into practice yourself.

I really encourage you to do it. I’ve done it.

If you’re on board with that premise, here’s what we’re going to talk about:

  • Why traditional ideas for creativity in the workplace don’t work.
  • Story and narrative as keys to unlock more of the brain for creative purposes.
  • The importance of an audience.
  • Trust and honesty, two crucial elements to making any of this work.
  • What creativity even is, and what it isn’t.
  • Anxiety as a source of creativity.
  • The four tools of the narrative technique or story thinking [see: the Angus Fletcher method].
  • What it means to turn creativity into innovation.

I promise you: by the end of this episode, we’ll have actionable tools to take into our work to allow us to do just that — turn creativity into innovation.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with you.

Full Episode

Show Notes

  • Traditional workplace creativity exercises don’t work. (00:03:42-00:06:33)
  • Stories increase our brain’s processing power. (00:06:34-00:10:58)
  • The “stretch” that creates wonder and intensifies a story. (00:10:59-00:13:12)
  • Courage makes us feel bigger and braver. (00:13:13-00:15:56)
  • Trust and honesty are key elements to making any of this work. (00:15:57-00:18:59)
  • Creativity drives and influences us. (00:19:00-00:29:46)
  • The four tools of the narrative technique [see: the Angus Fletcher method]. (00:29:47-00:39:31)
  • The power of tiny changes and giving people the opportunity to change. (00:39:32-00:41:45)
  • Transforming creativity into innovation. (00:41:46-00:47:04)
  • Measuring success through value, engagement, and motivation. (00:47:05-00:50:13)
  • The power of creative thinking. (00:50:14-00:53:27)

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