Human Challenges of Changing Your GTM Strategy with Sheryl Buscheck

This week’s guest is Sheryl Buscheck, the new Director of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks.

We reflect on Sheryl’s career and the lessons she has learned leading up to this new role – she’s responsible for onboarding and Juniper’s Ramp to Productivity Programs.

Today’s topic is the human challenges of changing your go-to-market strategy. A relevant problem for you listeners, I’m sure.

Sheryl and I explore:

  • The role leadership plays in change
  • How to bring people along with you
  • What a shared vision really looks like
  • Human change management in enablement
  • Making it about your customers to help navigate change
  • How to ensure people know where to look for resources
  • Recognition, (over)communication, and permission to fail
  • Safety, trust, and modeling the behaviors you want to see

These are all things that come to mind when I talk about learning culture, so it was thrilling to unpack all of this alongside Sheryl and to hear her perspective as a change management professional.

For new and returning listeners alike, if you’re enthusiastic about helping people navigate change, you’re going to get plenty of actionable insights from this episode.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Sheryl Buscheck.

And if we’re not connected already, head down the page to find links to Sheryl’s and my LinkedIn so we can keep the conversation going.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • The human side of changing GTM strategy. (0:05:01 — 0:10:34)
  • Integrating vision into onboarding. (0:10:35 — 0:13:20)
  • How do leaders communicate the “why” to employees? (0:13:21 — 0:21:05)
  • Visionary alignment across functions. (0:21:06 — 0:25:03)
  • The benefits of (over)communication. (0:25:04 — 0:27:45)
  • Uncertainty and trust’s role in leadership. (0:27:46 — 0:32:22)
  • Incremental change and enablement’s role in productivity. (0:32:23 — 0:38:17)
  • Sheryl’s advice for helping humans navigate change. (0:38:18 — 0:41:11)
  • Where to connect with Sheryl and parting thoughts. (0:41:12 — 43:11)


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