How To Unlearn The “Only” Way To Do Things with Alex Zikakis

How To Unlearn The “Only” Way To Do Things with Alex Zikakis

In today’s enriching episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the insightful Alex Zikakis. Alex brings to the table a fascinating comparison between nurturing skills in our children through Lego building and fostering strategic thinking within the competitive corporate landscape. We’ll unpack the idea of coaching, whether it’s for parents, guardians, or frontline leaders, delving into the art of enabling individuals for success both in the playroom and the boardroom.

Alex and I will explore the challenges posed by remote work, market conditions, and the constant need for adaptability. We discuss the importance of shifting from short-term achievements to embracing a mindset tailored for long-term growth, and we’ll tackle the practicalities of developing a competency model that hones key skills for remarkable performance.

An unexpected turn in the conversation leads us to Alex’s thrilling announcement of his transition to the Lego company. As we touch upon the essence of strategic thinking, The Learning Culture Podcast, and the intrinsic value of active listening and problem-solving, you’ll see why Alex’s journey is as engaging as it is instructive.

So whether you’re a parent teaching resilience through colorful bricks, a manager guiding a team, or simply an avid learner looking for your next insight—you’re in the right place. Let’s build a foundation for growth, one conversation at a time. Let’s dive in!

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Show Notes

  • [04:10 — 09:19] Constant change challenges ability to think independently.
  • [09:20 — 12:56] Market conditions, remote culture – constant change.
  • [12:57 — 14:04] Prioritize what’s most important in your day.
  • [14:05 — 17:49] Prioritize tasks, focus on what matters most.
  • [17:50 — 20:42] Effective problem solving involves focused collaboration.
  • [20:43 — 24:01] Shifting content for frontline and leadership impact.
  • [24:02 — 29:00] Frontline team has overview; leader guides assembly.
  • [29:01 — 32:55] Teach independence and resilience to Lego builders.
  • [32:56 — 36:26] Emphasizing practicality and coaching for success in sales.
  • [36:27 — 38:23] Choose variety or focus for skill development.
  • [38:24 — 42:35] Complexity in directing approach – many perspectives valid.

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