How To Make Role Plays Not Suck with Jonathan Mahan

I have a really fun new episode format to share with you today.

We’re calling it the Learning Nugget.

The idea is to share some quick, super-practical, super-tactical lessons with all of you. After this episode, you’ll have something specific that you want to try right away in your current role.

My first guest for this is Jonathan Mahan, co-founder of The Practice Lab. He’s also a former account executive who became disillusioned with how role plays were run.

Obviously, role plays are a key part of practicing the sales conversation. But Jonathan, like many of us, believed that they just weren’t working.

They suck, to be honest. Right?

So he spent a lot of time thinking about how to make them better.

And I think he’s actually done it; he’s received great results from people that have gone through what I like to call “literal transformations,” of who they are as a person.

They’re better sellers because they’ve deliberately practiced. That’s what this episode is about. In this episode, you’ll hear Jonathan’s four lessons, along with practical tips for each that you can implement right away.

Let’s dive in and discover how to make roleplays not suck.

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Show Notes

  • Why does traditional roleplay suck? (00:02:36-00:05:53)
  • Jonathan’s background and The Practice Lab. (00:05:54-00:06:58)
  • Why did Jonathan choose this path? (00:06:59-00:09:15)
  • Lesson 1: break it down into chunks. (00:09:16-00:14:15)
  • Lesson 2: don’t give feedback at the end. (00:14:16-00:17:45)
  • Lesson 3: the expectation of failure rather than smooth delivery. (00:17:46-00:25:08)
  • Lesson 4: slow down. (00:25:09-00:27:25)
  • Behavioral modification as a result. (00:27:26-00:29:16)
  • Jonathan’s message to our listeners. (00:29:17-00:31:04)

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