Harry Melck on Storytelling & Wine

Harry Melck on Storytelling & Wine

Joining me this week is Harry Melck. If you’re a wine lover, this episode is just for you. Harry is an eighth-generation descendant of a well-known Cape wine family in South Africa. He has received the highest qualification from the Institute of Cape Wine Masters and has diversified into many successful entrepreneurial ventures. He’s the owner of a chain of five steak and wine restaurants called Roxie, which started in London seven years ago, and a drone company called Aerovision, which includes vineyard mapping as one of its services.

His passion is undoubtedly wine. He spends most of his time these days delivering quirky and unpretentious wine experiences to guests and visitors in South Africa, that combine high-end adventures such as surfing, SUPing, hiking, and cycling, with non-traditional wine touring.

His passion and knowledge of the wine industry know no bounds. This was a fascinating conversation about wine in general and Cape wine more specifically. If you have an interest in wine and are curious about New World wines – South Africa is actually the oldest producer of the so-called New World wines – that rich wine history is what Harry has made his passion in sharing with others.

So please sit back with a nice glass of South African Pinotage and enjoy my conversation with Harry Melck.

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Show Notes

  • How Harry got interested in wine. (00:02:10-00:03:28)
  • Why does wine pair so well with food? (00:03:29-00:05:05)
  • Wine and Storytelling – the power of stories. (00:05:49-00:08:28)
  • What’s interesting and unique about the Cape Winelands. (00:08:29-00:11:06)
  • The story behind the creation of the Pinotage. (00:11:44-00:13:50)
  • Chenin Blancs. (00:14:04-00:15:39)
  • More about the revolutionary Wine movement in South Africa. (00:15:57-00:18:58)
  • The value and efforts that goes into the art of producing wine. (00:19:17-00:21:47)
  • Harry tells in detail about the complexity and the process of winemaking. (00:21:48-00:28:15)
  • Measuring the quality of a wine. (00:28:16-00:30:00)
  • The consumer market trends. (00:30:00-00:32:26)
  • How does a winemaker innovate? (00:32:27-00:33:26)
  • What are the skills and things you need to know to be a wine connoisseur? (00:33:27-00:36:54)
  • Harry talks about associations and comparisons with wine. (00:36:55-00:41:50)
  • The right way to taste wine. (00:41:58-00:46:41)
  • What are you paying for in a really good wine? (00:46:58-00:50:50)
  • Marketing, selling, and sustainability in the wine industry. (00:50:51-00:53:53)
  • Harry talks about a recent memorable experience with his guests. (00:54:00-00:59:02)
  • Harry talks about his website, bigoneadventure.com. (00:59:03-1:00:04)
  • Story Cellars. (1:00:05-1:01:33)

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