Hackathons in Sales Enablement with Stephanie Middaugh

Joining me this week is Stephanie Middaugh, founder of Phoenix GTM Consulting. Stephanie also has a remarkable career and track record in the world of enablement.

As she says in the show, she was a victim of the recent layoffs but had been building Phoenix in the background for a while. The intention and passion to go out on her own were always there, and that’s exactly what she did.

This episode is mainly about Hackathons. Stephanie has been running Hackathons with the Sales Enablement Squad. It’s an incredible format for coming together in person.

People fly in and get together for an afternoon of workshopping actual problems that these people want to focus on.

Super useful – no slides, no presentations, this is just stickies, notebooks, pens, papers, whiteboards, and off you go. They’ll be running six or seven Hackathons next year (make sure to check the Guest Links to learn more).

Then we talk about how you can use Hackathons for sales team training and sales enablement.

Stephanie came up with a really cool, helpful six-step framework to help walk you through this. This wasn’t prepared. Over the course of episode, we pulled out these six things, which you’ll learn about:

  1. Socializing the idea.
  2. Facilitating peer-to-peer learning.
  3. Making it cross-segmental.
  4. Getting specific on the problem you’re solving.
  5. Getting the balance right in terms of frequency.
  6. Built-in follow-ups.

It was a lot of fun to have this conversation. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy this long-awaited episode with the meme queen, Stephanie Middaugh.

Full Episode

Guest Links

Show Notes

  • Stephanie’s creative process for “memes.” (00:03:03-00:05:00)
  • Building her own consulting business. (00:05:01-00:09:54)
  • All about the Hackathon – how it works, takeaways, and what’s so amazing about it. (00:09:55-00:23:39)
  • Future plans for Hackathons. (00:25:40-00:27:12)
  • Successful implementation and execution of the lessons learned. (00:27:13-00:30:59)
  • The six-step framework. (00:31:00-00:43:29)
  • Stephanie’s final message to our listeners. (00:43:30-00:45:41)

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