Guest Medley: On Mentorship

Podcast on Mentors

Joining me this week are guests from podcasts past.

I am very excited to present a mash-up episode as a way to give thanks to the masterminds who’ve been on the show and offer something special back to the community.

This one is themed around the topic of mentors. I’m super excited to dive in here, I think you’re going to learn a lot from my 13 previous guests.

Let’s learn about mentors, shall we?

Full Episode

Show Notes

  • Marcus Miller on mentorship as a cornerstone of development and important lessons to be learned from mentors. (00:01:49-00:08:25)
  • Ravi Raman on the difference between mentors and coaches and why we need mentors. (00:08:26-00:12:00)
  • Paul LeCrone on finding mentors, what mentorship looks like, learning, deliberate practice, getting feedback, and getting out of your comfort zone. (00:12:01-00:17:46)
  • Nate Kadlac on how mentors open your eyes to possibilities and how they become like a shortcut to learning. (00:17:47-00:19:59)
  • Kibwé Johnson on how mentors can teach accountability and inspire you to reach higher heights. How to apply active listening to amplify the lessons you can learn from mentors. (00:20:00-00:25:04)
  • Robbie Crabtree on how he leveled up with mentors and how deliberate practice accelerated his journey. (00:25:05-00:30:48)
  • Alex van den Heever on how mentors can inspire you to develop intrinsic motivation to keep going by offering a successful example to follow. (00:30:49-00:38:06)
  • Alex & Books on providing value first, in order to maximise value from the mentor relationship. (00:38:07-00:41:30)
  • Ali Abdaal on how he got inspiration from his “mentors from afar” which allowed him to forge his own path and internalise lessons, without needing to ever meet these inspirational figures. (00:41:31-00:46:45)
  • Marianna Phillips on the role of anti-mentors, learning from the mistakes of others, and how the friends that support her became mentors without realizing it. (00:46:46-00:52:49)
  • Gareth Graham on the idea that mentors don’t even need to be experts to provide insights, the role of feedback, and that the diagnosis is more valuable than the suggested solutions. (00:52:50-00:55:37)
  • Danny Miranda on his process of immersive learning, deliberate practice, and how mentors naturally appeared along the way, just by following his curiosity. (00:55:38-00:59:41)
  • Chris Sparks on how he learned as much from coaching others, as they were learning from him. (00:59:42-1:03:59)

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