Greg Frontiero on the Storytelling Art to Professional Wrestling

Greg Frontiero on the Storytelling Art to Professional Wrestling

Joining me this week is Greg Frontiero. Greg is the founder of Noowave, a company whose product, flow state coffee has been described as a “Coffee for Creators”. It is combined with raw cacao and L-Theanine to help you feel creatively focused and anxiety-free.

Greg has a fascinating story, which started with a dare from his girlfriend for a birthday party, which ended up becoming a pursuit: seeking out a mentor to teach him professional wrestling through the process of deliberate practice. It has since become a lifelong passion.

Greg is also a writer. He writes an amazing newsletter and blog and has wonderful ambitions for the future of his company Noowave, which is only just getting started with flow state coffee.

Greg has offered a special discount code of 15% off of flow state coffee!

Go to the website, purchase however much coffee you want, and use the code ‘HDYLT’ (How Did You Learn That?)

Make sure you take that up as you sit back, sip a cup and enjoy my conversation with Greg Frontiero.

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Show Notes

  • Catching up with Greg. (00:02:16-00:04:52)
  • How did Greg get into wrestling – stories from his childhood days and how he came to love wrestling. (00:04:53-00:08:20)
  • How Greg got into an AM radio wrestling show. (00:08:21-00:09:55)
  • How and when did he start to get into professional wrestling, and what inspired him to do it? (00:09:56-00:13:15)
  • How he mastered wrestling in just 3 months. (00:13:16-00:14:09)
  • What makes a good wrestler? (00:14:10-00:17:25)
  • The storytelling in wrestling, the crowd response, and the story of what actually happens behind the scenes. (00:17:44-00:24:24)
  • Greg tells us more about his training with his mentor, Lance Storm. (00:24:39-00:25:59)
  • Interacting and making the connection with the audience. (00:26:00-00:28:17)
  • What were the things that changed for him while working with Lance? (00:28:18-00:33:56)
  • The significant life values he learned from his mentor. (00:33:57-00:35:29)
  • The characterization and stereotyping of wrestlers, and the brotherhood they share. (00:35:30-00:40:00)
  • What does it take to get to the WWE? (00:40:25-00:43:38)
  • The rise of MMA and what wrestling is like nowadays. (00:43:50-00:45:31)
  • Being a “heel” in wrestling. (00:45:43-00:49:09)
  • When did he take writing seriously, and how he eventually became a writer. (00:50:10-00:54:16)
  • How he started Noowave. (00:54:17-00:57:52)
  • How he obtained success with Noowave being a brand. (00:57:53-1:01:08)
  • Greg talks about productizing oneself and how writing has helped him do this. (1:01:09-1:04:15)
  • Greg’s take on authenticity and how important it is to do what you love. (1:04:16-1:08:11)
  • Kayfabe. (1:08:37-1:11:35)
  • The mental health movement and where Noowave fits into this. (1:12:17-1:17:36)
  • Noowave being a physiologic trigger/prompt. (1:17:50-1:20:21)
  • Why he wants to help people improve their productivity and relieve anxiety with Nootropics. (1:20:28-1:21:44)
  • Where and how to get in touch with Greg. (1:22:30-1:23:17)

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