Enablement is Leadership Leverage with Nikki Schanzer

Joining me this week is Nikki Schanzer.

Nikki has just started a role as Senior Manager of Revenue Enablement at Outreach.

Before that, she headed the Go to Market Enablement at Hopin, and before that, the Revenue Enablement Lead for North America at Dropbox.

Meeting Nikki for the first time felt like we were long-lost friends. And I think this is true for a lot of people who share a common passion with each other – in this case, enabling people to be their best. Nikki is definitely a prototypical enabler of others.

We start our conversation by drawing lessons learned from her various roles over the years and focus not just on things that have worked well, but also on things that haven’t. That was a theme that came through a lot in this episode.

You will learn how:

  • Leadership leverage is another name for enablement.
  • How crucial curiosity is, and always finding the why in what you’re doing.
  • The incredible competitor learning experience she created at Dropbox. [Listen even just for this, for the creativity that was brought to this experience]
  • The importance of hiring well and building a team in enablement.
  • The importance of letting go of the end state of perfection, and instead adopting an iterating mindset.
  • What it’s like going from the first and sometimes only person in enablement to being part of an enablement team of rockstars.
  • How to use ambassadors as champions for any learning initiatives you create.
  • How first-line sales managers are like the black hole for sales teams, and what important role they can play.

This was a fun episode to record. I think you’ll get a lot out of listening to it, so please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Nikki Schanzer.

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Show Notes

  • Nikki’s background and previous experiences that led her to where she is today. (00:02:52-00:05:40)
  • Leadership leverage. (00:05:41-00:08:46)
  • How vital it is to be curious and to always ask yourself “why?” (00:08:47-00:13:39)
  • Her amazing work at Dropbox, which served as a venue for competitor learning. (00:13:40-00:20:13)
  • The lessons she had picked up at Hopin, including the value of hiring carefully and assembling an enablement team. (00:20:14-00:24:20)
  • Nikki’s current priorities and goals with Outreach, and how she creatively enables people in their own roles. (00:24:59-00:34:23)
  • What does Learning Culture mean for Nikki? (00:34:24-00:36:23)
  • How to use ambassadors as champions for your learning initiatives. (00:36:24-00:40:05)
  • What is she learning/reading about now? (00:40:16-00:43:39)
  • Why does Nikki do what she does? (00:43:40-00:45:05)

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