Enablement is a Universal Language with Sarah Filipiak

Sarah Filipiak

Joining me this week is Sarah Filipiak.

Sarah is the new Head of Revenue Enablement at Bamboo Rose. Before that, she worked at companies like Wayfair and Coupa.

The thing that stands out the most for me is Sarah’s passionate and unique perspective on enablement.

I’ve said this a lot on the show: it’s an exciting field and space to be in because it is so new and so open to being molded.

And Sarah is one of the people out there sharing her ideas, putting thoughts into the public domain, and really helping to evolve enablement.

In this episode, we dive deep into several of those ideas. You’ll hear:

  • A crash course in foundational onboarding, a topic near to Sarah’s heart and a contributor to her success in enablement.
  • Lessons about why sellers should see themselves as sales franchises.
  • Sarah’s perspective on helping people find their superpower (and how she found her own — an incredible story).
  • The idea that sales is a performance of skill.
  • How important safe spaces are for practicing and breaking things.
  • How success is simple, but not easy.
  • How mastery comes from focusing on specifics.
  • Conversations about the power of purpose driven activity.

It was a really enjoyable conversation to be part of. And I think you’ll feel the same way if you join us in thought.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy my episode with Sarah Filipiak.

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Show Notes

  • Sarah’s childhood, background, experiences, and finding her superpower. (00:03:14-00:10:04)
  • Enablement origins, and how sellers should see themselves as sales franchises. (00:10:05-00:13:15)
  • Sarah’s passion and expertise for onboarding. (00:13:16-00:17:18)
  • Safe spaces for practicing and breaking things; and how mastery comes from focusing on specifics. (00:17:19-00:19:15)
  • The power of purpose-driven activity. (00:19:16- 00:22:30)
  • Sales is a performative skill. (00:22:31-00:31:04)
  • Learning and doing things are actually intuitive. (00:31:05-00:36:44)
  • What does learning culture mean to Sarah? (00:36:45-00:40:11)
  • Sarah’s company visions and goals, in the context of her role. (00:40:12-00:43:02)
  • What is Sarah learning about nowadays? (00:43:03-00:46:37)
  • Where you can find her on social media. (00:46:38-00:48:00)
  • Sarah’s message to our listeners. (00:48:01-00:52:05)

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