Devin Lewtan on The Power of Conversation

Devin Lewtan on The Power of Conversation

My guest this week was Devin Lewtan. Devin is an engineer at Clay and host of the wildly popular Clubhouse series, NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys.

Our conversation begins with Devin’s non-traditional approach to learning which saw most of her primary education take place at a school that doesn’t have any tests; only real-world projects.

In this podcast, we connect some of the dots in what she was focusing on at NYU and what she worked on while she was interning at various companies. We also talk about her experience with the viral Clubhouse sensation that she finds herself a part of.

I learned a lot of different perspectives about how Devin sees the future of human-computer interaction, women in computing, and the interesting concept of telling the same story and seeing how people react to it as a way to find an idea-market fit.

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Show Notes

  • How has Devin achieved so much and contributed so much to the world at such a young age? (03:04-04:07)
  • Devin talks about her area of expertise at NYU. (04:08-05:40)
  • How did her childhood influence her in choosing her field of expertise? (05:42-06:54)
  • When did she first get into computers? (07:13-09:51)
  • Devin talks about what she finds cool in Gallatin that she really appreciates. (09:52-11:04)
  • Her work on the Skills Vest. (11:08-12:48)
  • What specific things did she learn from her mentor when she was working on Skills Vest? (12:49-14:11)
  • Devin talks about her family as her biggest group of supporters and mentors. (14:12-16:10)
  • Devin opens up about what it is that drew her into coding and how she went through the process of learning it. (16:11-19:50)
  • Devin talks about being the “learning-by-doing” type of person and learning through constant practice. (19:51-21:54)
  • Why Devin believes in an interactive process and how it works for her based on her experiences. (22:10-24:07)
  • “Learning how to tell a story of what you are interested in is so powerful”, Devin explains. (24:08-27:45)
  • Devin talks about Rough Draft Ventures and her experience doing it. (27:54-30:45)
  • Has she been in a setting where her perspective is a valuable addition to a team of people that are more experienced? (30:46-33:03)
  • How does she weigh things in terms of choosing a career path? (33:06-35:24)
  • How much does she think about the reality that our whole world is constructed on language? (35:25-38:28)
  • Does she see a world wherein everybody can communicate enabled by computers? (38:29-40:00)
  • When did Devin first come across Clubhouse and what did she see in its potential? (40:28-43:46)
  • How does Clubhouse work? (43:47-45:33)
  • When did Devin start to take Clubhouse seriously? (45:36-48:38)
  • How much of her experience is she leveraging? (48:59-51:12)
  • Devin talks about the experience of people coming up on stage that stands out to her. (51:14-53:21)
  • Is it always guys pitching girls? (53:23-54:00)
  • Devin talks about what the really good ones who come up on stage are doing. (54:07-55:44)
  • What are some of the things that are exciting for the future for her? (55:49-59:05)
  • If Devin could have a billboard, what would she have written on it? (59:19-01:01:00)

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