Danny Miranda on Passion and Discipline: Two Key Creator Tools

Danny Miranda on Passion and Discipline: Two Key Creator Tools

My guest this week was Danny Miranda, host of the Danny Miranda Podcast. Danny is an exceptionally passionate human being and a highly productive creator. He has been writing since he was 13 years old. He publishes a weekly newsletter, where he is committed to sending out at least 100 issues. In September, he started his podcast, the Danny Miranda Podcast, where he is committed to publishing at least 100 episodes and he goes at that at three episodes a week.

It was an amazing conversation where we explore what may look like an overnight success for Danny and his podcast when he managed to get Gary Vaynerchuk on the podcast. That whole process started in 2009 for Danny when the two of them exchanged comments on a blog that Danny had written about Gary.

We go into the nuts and bolts of learning, where we look at Danny’s time in the dropshipping business. We look at his journey into podcasting. He was exceptionally articulate about how he went about the process of learning these crafts. I know you’ll get a ton of value from this conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Danny talks about how his journey started as an independent creator. (02:11-03:34)
  • What gave him the idea that he could start creating at such a young such age? (03:45-06:30)
  • Did it ever occur to him to do the traditional path in life such as getting a job? (06:40-09:50)
  • Danny talks about being happy with what he does and not optimizing for dollars but for happiness. (09:51-11:04)
  • What drew Danny into dropshipping and what did he learn through his experience? (11:10-14:56)
  • When did he start to document his journey in dropshipping? (11:59-14:00)
  • Danny explains how he went into teaching about dropshipping. (14:57-17:17)
  • Danny talks about his mentors and how important they are for him in the aspect of learning. (19:19-22:38)
  • Danny talks about how 75Hard, a program he took part in, changed his life. (22:39-25:32)
  • How does meditation play a role in his life? (25:34-29:30)
  • He talks about a dip that happens whenever we start a new habit and how to overcome it. (29:56-32:58)
  • Danny talks about his 3 Month Rule. (33:06-35:22)
  • How hard was it, in the beginning, to get his podcast up and running? (35:30-37:48)
  • Danny talks about his experience when he first released the first episode of his podcast. (37:49-40:54)
  • How does he get continuous feedback on things he can improve on? (40:55-43:53)
  • Danny talks about how he got Gary Vaynerchuk to be a guest on his show. (43:58-48:00)
  • What was the most surprising thing about Gary Vaynerchuk that he found out in the episode? (48:01-51:00)
  • His advice for people who want to start a podcast. (51:00-53:33)
  • Danny talks about the joy he experiences in recording his podcast. (53:34-56:06)

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