Curiosity and Humility Go Hand in Hand with Brett Childs

Brett Childs is the Director of Revenue Enablement at Instructure. He got into enablement on the back of a successful career in sales. Before that, he spent time as a missionary in Japan – so he is really able to blend that passion for teaching and coaching in this role, making an impact with the people on his team.

Brett is the first guest I’ve had on the show where it felt like at times that I was talking to myself.  It was almost uncanny how similar we think about enabling people and developing potential. So if you’ve been a fan of the show, I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation.

In our conversation, you will learn:

  • How Brett and his team at Instructure use huddles to practice and share learnings together.
  • How humility and curiosity go hand in hand in creating a culture of learning.
  • How practice when the stakes are high is vital, even though people’s tendency is to go back to old habits.
  • How they use a book club to share learnings from outside of their work, to be able to do better at their jobs.
  • How Brett loves his job, because as he says, he gets paid to learn.

This is a conversation with a kindred spirit. So please sit back and enjoy this discussion with Brett Childs.

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Show Notes

  • Brett’s background in the enablement space and his roles and responsibilities at Instructure. (00:02:04-00:06:41)
  • Huddles: significance of sharing information and learnings together. (00:06:42-00:15:16)
  • What Learning Culture means to Brett. (00:15:17-00:18:59)
  • Inspiring motivation and how humility and curiosity go hand in hand in creating a culture of learning. (00:19:00-00:26:26)
  • How vital practice is when the stakes are high. (00:27:08-00:33:01)
  • How Brett and his team share learnings outside of their work, to help them in being better in what they do. (00:33:02-00:37:59)
  • What he is currently reading and learning about. (00:38:00-00:40:35)
  • Why does Brett do what he does? (00:40:36-00:44:45)

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