Curbing The Continental Drift Between Sales and Marketing with Scott Knudson

Joining me this week is Scott Knudson.

Scott is the Head of Sales Enablement at Clozd. It’s a win-loss analysis platform for sales teams, and, as you’ll find out later in the episode, it’s a product that their team uses religiously. But this episode isn’t about the product Clozd – this is about the lessons that Scott has learned in sales and in his current role in sales enablement, which he’s done at various companies.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How sales is a creative field.
  • The optimizing mindset.
  • The continental drift between marketing and sales.
  • How important it is to do top producer analysis and then to line that up with proven frameworks to gain credibility.
  • How enablement should be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.
  • How Clozd uses cohorts to transfer tacit knowledge between people in a sales team.

This was a fun episode to record, it’s packed with a lot of good ideas.

Please sit back and enjoy my episode with Scott Knudson.

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Show Notes

  • Scott’s sales enablement background in Utah and why it was a priority back then. (00:02:12-00:05:44)
  • How his background and experience brought him to the enablement space. (00:05:45-00:08:24)
  • Clozd and Scott’s role, goals, and priorities in the company. (00:08:25-00:12:52)
  • The continental drift between marketing and sales. (00:12:53-00:15:06)
  • Personalizing approaches, interventions, and methodologies. (00:15:07-00:18:17)
  • Navigating crowdsourcing, analyzing, and optimizing best practices and presenting proven frameworks to gain credibility. (00:18:18-00:24:26)
  • It’s crucial to empower and enable top performers. (00:24:27-00:28:16)
  • Scott breaks down how Clozd uses cohorts to transfer tacit knowledge within a sales team. (00:28:17-00:33:57)
  • What does learning culture mean to Scott? (00:34:37-00:45:09)
  • Interests and everyday encounters learned from and used in his enablement role. (00:45:10-00:48:00)
  • Why does he do what he does? (00:48:01-00:50:48)
  • Where you can find Scott on social media. (00:50:49-00:52:40)

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