Correlation and Causation Mastermind with Kunal Pandya and John Williamson

Joining me this week for the first-ever combined panel episode are Kunal Pandya and John Williamson.

  • Kunal is a Senior Director of Global Revenue Enablement at UserZoom and the Founder + CEO of Sales Velocity Labs.
  • John is a Sales and Revenue Enablement Change Agent with an extensive background in sales, most recently working as a Sales Enablement Leader at Analog Devices.

John was the one to kickstart our triangle of conversation with a LinkedIn post about the issues of correlation and causation and effectively tying the role of enablement to business impact.

John highlighted the difficulty of doing so, and Kunal weighed in from the perspective of, well, we have to figure this out – we have to try.

We all agreed on that point.

Treat this episode as a mastermind – these two gentlemen expertly weave their way through this spiky topic from different angles. Ultimately, we all converge on the same vision and strive to work toward the same goal.

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Join us here to discuss:

  • The challenge of proving correlation or causation for sales enablement efforts with revenue.
  • What matters is what you say and how you say it, not what you sell.
  • Crafting narrative around insights-to-action; one of the trickiest things for enablement teams to do.
  • How numbers paint pictures, but trends tell stories.
  • The difference between strategic and operational enablement.
  • Enablement as the spider at the center of the web.

I had the privilege of sitting back a bit and letting John and Kunal do their thing, and it made for a stellar episode with an interesting and open-ended conclusion.

After you listen, head to our newsletter, get that first email from me, and let me know if you’re interested in a workshop with these guys.

With that: sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Kunal and John.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • Sales enablement’s challenge in proving its impact on business outcomes. (00:03:59-00:09:58)
  • The importance of the sales attribution challenge and its impact on the future of sales enablement. (00:09:59-00:12:43)
  • The revenue impact of enablement and the shift from operational to strategic. (00:12:44-00:15:17)
  • From seller-centric to customer-centric focus. (00:15:18-00:19:27)
  • Deep-dive: measuring impact and establishing causation. (00:19:28-00:30:17)
  • Turn insights into actions with narratives and customer input. (00:30:18-00:37:49)
  • Enablement is the spider at the center of the web. (00:37:50-00:46:27)
  • Enablement and its place in the puzzle of organizational success. (00:46:28-00:48:41)
  • John and Kunal’s final takeaways. (00:48:42-00:53:02)

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