Converting Tacit Knowledge into Explicit Knowledge with Chad Trabucco

Joining me this week is Chad Trabucco.

Chad is the Director of Revenue Enablement at Guru, a knowledge management software. I thought that was so fascinating considering the question that I ask at the end of every Rapid Fire Five, that is: how do you capture and distill ideas in people’s heads for future use? That’s exactly what Guru does, and what Chad is so passionate about.

At the risk of this becoming an episode entirely about Guru, we really dug deep into knowledge management – I think it’s such an important issue for anybody developing people and enabling people.

Chad is a user of the product far beyond his workday, so he’s able to draw out some of the best practices of knowledge management in general, and that’s where we focused.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Chad groups reps in cohorts by tenure, and how he’s seen a progression in their ability as reps as they progress through cohorts.
  • The importance of reps getting reps, and how experimentation and peer-to-peer learning about what people are learning help to enable an entire team.
  • Knowledge management through and through. To facilitate this part of the conversation, we use a framework created by Tiago Forte, a guru in the knowledge management space, for personal knowledge management and productivity. The framework is CODE – capture, organize, distill, and express. Those four steps form the basis of our conversation.

You can get the tacit knowledge out of your sales team’s heads and be explicit in your ways of helping others benefit from it. As I said, this is a topic that has been on the minds of every single enablement person I’ve spoken to. So, I know you will enjoy what Chad has to share.

Please, sit back and enjoy this episode with Chad Trabucco.

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Show Notes

  • How Chad got into the enablement space. (00:03:14-00:04:43)
  • Proposal writing advice. (00:04:44-00:08:07)
  • His role and focus within the company. (00:08:08-00:09:35)
  • Organizing reps into cohorts, and the development in their ability as they advance through those cohorts. (00:09:36-00:11:45)
  • Enabling teams by emphasizing the value of reps getting reps, experimentation, and peer-to-peer learning. (00:11:46-00:16:07)
  • Different roles in the sales team and the interesting nuances between each role. (00:16:08-00:17:23)
  • The voice of revenue. (00:17:24-00:19:54)
  • How much of enablement is influencing revenue strategy? (00:19:55-00:21:44)
  • What does learning culture mean to Chad? (00:21:45-00:23:49)
  • Guru and how it captures and distills ideas in people’s heads for future use. (00:24:29-00:27:11)
  • Tiago Forte’s framework. (00:27:12-00:29:14)
  • The challenges of Capture and how to effectively approach it. (00:29:15-00:31:22)
  • Organizing easily accessible information. (00:31:23-00:34:56)
  • Distill: implementing and empowering people to be custodians of knowledge. (00:34:57-00:40:36)
  • Express: using and sharing what you’ve learned with the world. (00:40:37-00:42:43)
  • Chad’s approach to learning and growing in his role. (00:42:44-00:44:51)
  • The role of failure and mistakes in his career. (00:44:52-00:47:31)
  • What is Chad learning about nowadays? (00:47:32-00:48:52)
  • Why does Chad do what he does? (00:48:53-00:50:32)
  • Where you can find him on social media. (00:50:33-00:51:13)

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