Comedy Writing is a Growth Mindset with Jon Selig

Jon Selig is a sales trainer who uses the comedy writing process to help clients deliver memorable messages in sales conversations.

He teaches not a sales methodology … but a way for sellers to more deeply understand prospects and the problems they solve for them, then come up with pattern-interrupting, creative (and funny) ways to get their attention.

This is an invaluable skill for anyone in skills to have.

This episode is about demystifying what Jon does and learning tons from him in an unorthodox way.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How sales methodologies really affect sales teams
  • Knowing your audience and your problem
  • Using comedy to fuel creativity
  • Mastering the truth to become creative
  • The difference between improv and sales improv
  • Standup comedy versus sales

It goes without saying that this was a fun one. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Jon Selig.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • Sales methodology and how to overcome it. (02:46 — 06:55)
  • Parallels between onboarding and developing a comedy routine. (06:56 — 17:26)
  • The cold opener and the rule of three. (16:00 — 20:06)
  • Use narrative and comedy to increase creativity (20:07 — 25:22)
  • Master the truth first — humor isn’t a magic bullet. (25:23 — 32:24)
  • Misunderstandings about Jon’s career. (32:25 — 35:59)
  • The parallels between sales and standup comedy. (36:00 — 43:21)

Selected Links from the Episode

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