Being a New Person with Big Ideas in a New Company with Christopher Lind

Christopher Lind

My guest for this episode is Christopher Lind.

Christopher is the Chief Learning Officer for ChenMed, a primary care provider that serves moderate-to-low-income seniors with complex chronic diseases. Before that, he worked at General Electric and he’s also known for being the LinkedIn Learning Tech Guy under the brand Learning Sharks.

Christopher and I had a very interesting conversation on Learning Sharks earlier this year. We dug deep into the idea of building and cultivating a learning culture at your company.

In this conversation, we flip the script and I become the interviewer. We go into his current role as a Learning Professional, something that Christopher doesn’t talk about often.

In this fascinating conversation, you’re going to learn about:

  • How he approached his role when he first started it a year ago.
  • How he navigated the sometimes tricky terrain of being a new person with big ideas in a new company.
  • How he emphasized relationships and how ChenMed emphasizes relationship building as a key skill in uncovering what the business needs and what people need.
  • How Christopher approaches getting leadership buy-in.
  • Why Christopher does what he does, as we unpack the journey of being a learning professional.

Please enjoy my conversation with Christopher Lind.

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Show Notes

  • The same work looks different, depending where you are. Christopher shares the differences in the L&D space between GE and ChenMed. (00:04:31-00:06:17)
  • Christopher’s early experiences and approach when he started at ChenMed. (00:06:18-00:07:53)
  • How building relationships provide opportunities to learn about ideas and people. (00:07:54-00:10:24)
  • Full execution mode: Christopher describes the current goals and strategies he is working on. (00:10:25-00:12:36)
  • How to set up a successful work week. Christopher discusses his unique and intentional approach, and shares what occupies most of his time. (00:12:38-00:16:55)
  • L&D is about building relationships. Christopher emphasizes the significance of relationship building and how intentional he is about it. (00:16:56-00:19:59)
  • What is Learning Culture? (00:20:00-00:21:31)
  • Does every company have a Learning Culture? (00:21:32-00:22:23)
  • What is the biggest challenge in cultivating an ever-growing Learning Culture? (00:22:24-00:25:39)
  • The power of technology: Christopher’s approach and process in identifying an individual’s skills. (00:25:40-00:32:02)
  • How relationship building is a key skill in uncovering what the business needs and what people need. (00:32:03-00:35:42)
  • The power of storytelling and leadership buy-in. (00:35:43-00:38:51)
  • The challenges of creating time for learning and tips on how to approach these challenges. (00:38:52-00:43:02)
  • Christopher shares his thoughts on reflection, driving reinforcement, and experimentation. (00:43:03-00:47:58)
  • How to maintain work-life balance through collaborative priorities. (00:47:59-00:50:03)
  • Collaborative Learning. (00:50:04-00:51:21)
  • Why does Christopher do what he does? (00:51:22-00:52:58)
  • Where you can find and get in touch with Christopher on social media. (00:52:59-00:53:45)

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