Character is the Core of Personal Transformation with David CM Carter (Part 2)

Joining me this week for part two of our conversation is David Carter.

As I mentioned in part one, David became known as one of the world’s top CEO mentors. In building and exiting a company, he found that character underpinned every single thing he did.

If he could help his CEOs develop character or become certain characteristics, they transformed. They started to grow.

There are a lot of interesting lessons here that we can take into our work in developing managers and leaders within companies.

This half of the two-part episode focuses on how David has come to make his entire life about character, and how his legacy project (his current company Entelechy Academy) seeks to develop character in people.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How character competence helps raise the whole world’s competence.
  • The mindset of all successful mentees (plus a very specific question that David shares: if you hear someone ask themselves this question, you’ll know that they are ready to be mentored).
  • Failure’s role in developing character.

Be sure to explore the Character Matrix that Entelechy and David and his team created under Guest Links!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy part two of my conversation with David Carter.

Full Episode

Guest Links

Show Notes

  • Why Entelechy, and what does it mean? (00:02:48-00:06:55)
  • Developing and raising character competence. (00:06:56-00:13:35)
  • Self-awareness and accountability. (00:13:36-00:17:34)
  • Mentorship readiness and desire for change. (00:17:35-00:22:29)
  • The difference between learning and becoming. (00:22:30-00:29:47)
  • The Academy’s mission. (00:29:48-00:32:50)
  • David’s message to you, and where you can reach him. (00:32:51-00:37:12)

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