Caroline Goyder on The Surprising Secret to Speaking Confidently

Caroline Goyder on The Surprising Secret to Speaking Confidently

Joining me this week is Caroline Goyder. Caroline has an international reputation for her work as an expert speaker and voice coach. She’s worked with many prestigious clients, including news anchors, reporters, actors, CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, TV magicians, and even a monarch. She is also an accomplished writer, having authored three books, namely: Find Your Voice, Star Qualities, and Gravitas – the topic of which is one of the core things we talk about in today’s episode.

Caroline spent over a decade working at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London as a Voice Coach. Spurred by her intensely curious mind, she began to incorporate her fascination for ancient literature, spanning Roman and Greek influences, into her work. Over time she found herself combining her formal work and training as a Voice Coach, with her research into ancient literature and practical observations from her years of working with clients.

Her 2014 TEDx talk on the Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence has been viewed over seven and a half million times. In our conversation, it becomes clear why so many are willing to listen to Caroline speak and learn from her insight. She carries a deep wealth of knowledge on the topics of Gravitas, speaking with confidence, and moving from panic to power.

In our conversation, we go deep into the idea of Gravitas – finding and harnessing the power of your diaphragm and understanding the central, almost inspirational role that your breath plays when speaking with confidence. This is a skill, a practice, and a way of life that can be applied to so many different things.

So if you’ve ever wanted to understand more about how to speak, how your voice works, and how you can connect with your inner stillness and confidence – then this is the conversation for you.

Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Caroline Goyder.

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Show Notes

  • We briefly discuss the nature of Caroline’s job and how closely she works with her clients. (00:02:46-00:04:19)
  • The fight or flight response. Confronting the physical manifestations of your fear when speaking in public. (00:04:20-00:06:40)
  • Stage fright and Caroline’s technique for overcoming it. (00:06:41-00:08:30)
  • What is Gravitas? (00:08:31-00:10:26)
  • Caroline shares her learning journey and how she became an expert on Gravitas. (00:10:44-00:12:24)
  • The process is the outcome. How her constant practice became the materials for her short course. (00:12:25-00:13:30)
  • Organizing chaos. Caroline discusses the mind mapping system that she uses. (00:13:31-00:15:03)
  • The surprising secret to speaking with confidence. Caroline briefly talks about her 2014 TEDx Talk. (00:15:04-00:16:51)
  • Building new habits and learning how to switch on confidence. (00:16:52-00:18:27)
  • Using your voice as an instrument. How to build confidence, avoid toxic perceptions, and the proper use and care of your voice. (00:18:28-00:24:43)
  • Unlocking the power of the diaphragm. We talk about how the most powerful voice creates the most significant change. How do we find the hidden power in our own voice, and practice using it? (00:24:44-00:31:50)
  • Voice work. Finding your natural voice and redefining freedom. (00:31:51-00:33:55)
  • Spirare Breathing in spirits and expressing it through speech. (00:33:56-00:36:10)
  • Emotional memories and how they affect our diaphragm. (00:36:11-00:38:50)
  • How to handle adrenaline with a sense of calm, control, and power. (00:38:51-00:40:17)
  • Thinking through sensations and harnessing mindful breathing. (00:40:18-00:42:57)
  • Our voice as an expression of our existence and its significance in our everyday life. (00:42:58-00:44:18)
  • The power of the voice. How transformational it is and how it helps connect us to our inner-self. (00:44:18-00:47:05)
  • Caroline shares what she is currently most excited about. (00:47:06-00:49:43)

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