August Bradley on Life Operating Systems

August Bradley on Life Operating Systems

Joining me in a special live episode was August Bradley. This was recorded a few weeks ago when I interviewed August to focus specifically on his online course, Notion Life OS. August is an expert in performance enhancement and optimization. He advises clients through complete business system overhauls.

In 2020, he became known for his Life Operating System that he created in the tool, Notion which took off through a YouTube channel – which grew from zero to 25,000 subscribers in the course of the year.

August launched his cohort-based online course on the back of that success by growing an email list and converting people who were interested in implementing the system that he taught for themselves. He learned an incredible amount during that first cohort, which was when I came into the picture, to help him start to think through what the next cohort and beyond would look like.

We have since become friends and collaborators on a number of projects. I really enjoyed this conversation, unpacking lessons learned from his career, as well as his course.

Please enjoy my conversation with August Bradley.

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Show Notes

  • August’s background and how he got to where he is now. (00:02:28-00:10:12)
  • Systems thinking. (00:10:15-00:12:31)
  • How August chose Notion. (00:12:40-00:14:30)
  • How he came across Systems Thinking, and how he adapted to it. (00:14:35-00:16:44)
  • August shares how he saw things lining up for him. (00:16:45-00:18:58)
  • August discusses his process of making improvements and problem-solving. (00:18:59-00:21:45)
  • August talks about his YouTube journey, approach, and how it has impacted him. (00:21:53-00:24:48)
  • How he initially mapped out his YouTube channel. (00:24:49-00:26:21)
  • The audience’s level of engagement and how it impacted them. (00:26:22-00:28:29)
  • August talks about his Year Zero Online Community. (00:28:30-00:29:52)
  • How did you know you were ready to launch a course? (00:29:53-00:31:22)
  • Thoughts on pricing a course and the value it offers to people. (00:31:23-00:33:55)
  • Lessons he learned from pricing a course. (00:33:56-00:36:08)
  • Lessons learned from his first cohort and the things he’d do differently. (00:36:09-00:39:13)
  • Q&A portion
    • Airmeet vs Zoom (00:39:42-00:41:20)
    • Luma Platform review (00:41:25-00:42:05)
    • Kajabi vs Podia (00:42:11-00:43:36)
    • How many hours a day or a week were you putting in when you were trying to answer questions? (00:43:50-00:45:27)
    • Ideas and approaches to be more reliable and overcome reluctance. (00:45:42-00:51:19)
    • August’s take on having a ‘selling’ personality. (00:51:41-00:54:42)
    • How do things look like for you 5 to 10 years from now? (00:54:54-00:58:51)
  • August’s message to listeners and what’s coming up for him in the future. (00:59:14-1:01:05)

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