Anne Muhlethaler on Mindfulness in the World of Luxury Fashion

Anne Muhlethaler on Mindfulness in the World of Luxury Fashion

Joining me this week is Anne Muhlethaler. Anne is a branding and communications consultant working in luxury fashion and hails from Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a certified mindfulness teacher and a certified 200H yoga teacher. In this episode, she shares her incredible story, which begins as a retail store clerk in London for a small boutique known for making women’s shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Through her ability to understand customers and make sales, she grew her influence in the company. She was involved in everything from PR, to communications, to people strategy, using what she describes as her ability to “connect the dots.”

The Christian Louboutin group is now a famous brand in the luxury fashion business. The knowledge Anne acquired in helping to build that business continues to help her today in her new consultancy. Today, she creates meaningful programs to support brands, their visions, as well as their development in multiple markets around the world.

This conversation touches on a subject near and dear to Anne’s heart, something that is finding its way into her business consulting – mindfulness. This is also something that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last few years. We end our conversation with a fascinating exploration of what mindfulness means to Anne, as well as some practice techniques that you can apply at home to start bringing mindfulness into your life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anne Muhlethaler.

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Show Notes

  • How to break through to the exciting world of luxury fashion and branding. Learning more about how Anne stepped into the world of fashion. (00:02:26-00:04:04)
  • The beauty of artisan shoes and how fashion forms identity. Touching on the psychology of fashion and marketing. (00:04:05-00:05:04)
  • Anne elaborates on her previous work experience and the skill sets one needs before working with a luxury fashion brand. We explore how Anne became the voice of Christian Louboutin. (00:05:20-00:08:14)
  • The attributes, skills, and experiences that help shape success in the PR business. Anne shares valuable lessons she learned throughout her career. (00:08:29-00:11:18)
  • How to find purpose and balance in the fast paced world of business. (00:11:24-00:14:29)
  • The people’s regard for sales, fashion, and luxury brands. Going deeper into the psychology of consumer desire. (00:14:32-00:17:59)
  • Connecting the dots to inspire collaboration. Anne discusses the unique strengths that allowed her to succeed in luxury fashion. (00:18:00-00:21:10)
  • The process of finding your own purpose and motivation. (00:21:33-00:25:34)
  • The power of Storytelling. We consider how stories give context, reflect someone’s values, create meaning, and strengthen communication. (00:25:35-00:28:20)
  • Will brands become the museums of future experience? Anne speaks on the difference between creating the new and curating what already exists. (00:28:19-33:43)
  • Anne further discusses curation and world-building. (00:33:44-00:35:43)
  • The importance of deeper connection in establishing genuine relationships. (00:35:44-00:39:18)
  • Anne and Andrew share their own “big moment” experience. (00:39:19-00:40:42)
  • How to truly consider value and effectively integrate it into your own life. (00:40:43-00:41:53)
  • What is mindfulness? (00:41:54-00:44:54)
  • Anne shares in detail her own mindfulness practice and how it has changed her perspective, relationships, and her approach in life. (00:45:00-00:50:49)
  • More about the body scan and how it connects to the sensations of our human experience. (00:50:50-00:53:57)
  • How collaboration and inclusivity has played a role in her life. (00:54:24-00:56:22)
  • Techniques for showing empathy and being mindful of the people around you. (00:56:23-00:58:47)
  • Where you can find Anne and what’s coming up for her. (00:59:04-00:59:46)

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