Action-Orientation, Education, and Work-Life Integration with Stephanie Dua

This week’s Learning Nugget comes from an episode with Stephanie Dua.

It’s all about developing a bias toward action, nurturing latent passions for learning, and creating professional environments for humans to thrive.

Stephanie is the Co-Founder and President of Begin, an early-learning company with products like HOMER, the only learning program proven to increase reading scores with just 15 minutes a day.

Beyond her expertise in learning, education, and entrepreneurship, she has an extensive background in public service:

  • Former CEO of NYC Dept. of Education’s fund for public schools
  • Worked in various non-profit roles with the Carnegie Corporation, Robin Hood Foundation
  • Senior advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

She’s also a wife and a mother. So much of our conversation (and her inspiration for HOMER) draws on Stephanie’s career experiences, her upbringing, and her everyday life.

Tune in to learn about:

  • Stephanie’s decision-making confidence and how to hone your own.
  • How to use headwinds and obstacles as inspiration.
  • Effective time management and the unsustainability of sprinting.
  • The qualities of a successful public servant
  • Integrating “work” and “life,” not “balancing.”

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Learning Nugget episode with Stephanie Dua!

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • [02:30 – 03:45] Freedom, risk-taking, and confidence in decision-making.
  • [03:46 – 05:20] Headwinds inspire action and focus for Stephanie.
  • [05:21 – 06:36] “Sprinting” isn’t a sustainable pace.
  • [06:37 – 09:07] Nurturing latent passions for education.
  • [09:08 – 12:04] Dedication, passion, and having a bias for action are qualities of a successful public servant.
  • [12:05 – 16:52] Authenticity, politics, and the delicate balance of “bringing your whole self to work.”

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