6 Trends For Learning In The New World Of Work with Al Dea

Al Dea

Joining me this week is Al Dea.

Al is the founder of Betterwork Labs, a research, advisory, and training organization that helps other companies create better workplace cultures. I met Al after finding his research on LinkedIn, which really caught my eye. He identified six trends in how people develop themselves and their careers at work. He made an incredible graphic to go along and wrote up a post on the research. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to get Al on the show to talk through these six trends. All of them push the boundaries of the future of Learning and Talent Development companies — and your people can leverage them. As someone responsible for developing or enabling people, learning to spot and act upon these trends is crucial.

In this episode, you’ll learn about those six categories that Al found during his research:

  1. The Fractional MBA
  2. Online Career Communities and Associations
  3. Coaching Becomes Corporate Friendly
  4. Leadership Development For All
  5. Create Your Own Career Mobility
  6. Creator Economy Meets Career Development

In our conversation, we unpack each of these and talk through examples of companies he’s seen in the space that are offering solutions. We also discuss how to approach and navigate the landscape of these companies. There is a ton of deep insight within Al’s research, and it was a pleasure to unpack it with him on the show.

Please sit back and enjoy my episode with Al Dea.

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Show Notes

  • Al’s early experiences and background. (00:03:20-00:06:55)
  • The influence and agency of the trends for learning in a company. (00:06:56-00:09:25)
  • Al’s motivation and methodology for his research. (00:09:26-00:14:06)
  • What is a Fractional MBA? (00:14:07-00:21:04)
  • Connecting, learning, and collaborating through online career communities and associations. (00:21:05-00:28:17)
  • Coaching, accessibility, and corporate-friendliness. (00:29:01-00:35:18)
  • Leadership development. (00:35:19-00:40:47)
  • What it means to create your own career mobility (plus success stories). (00:40:48-00:46:08)
  • Creator Economy meets Career Development. (00:46:09-00:52:37)
  • What’s coming up for Al and Betterwork Labs, and where you can find him on social media. (00:53:13-00:53:42)

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