3 Steps for Rolling Out Enablement Content with Raquel Ferrari

Joining me this week is Raquel Ferrari.

Raquel is the Revenue Enablement Manager at Spekit. She is an enabler, but in a good way!

She is also in a unique role in that she leads enablement for a company that serves people in enablement. And that made for a very interesting episode.

We explored the benefits that she brings to her go-to-market team – from reps to customer success and everything in between.

Because of Raquel’s involvement in communities like WiSE, she’s able to bring a unique perspective to her team around what enablement people care about. I was curious to dive into that and learn more about what she sees happening at Spekit, as well as in the broader enablement community.

So in this episode, we talk about all things Just-in-Time Learning. It was really fun to pull out a framework that Raquel uses for deciding how to create content and communicate with her sales team. She ended up sharing a three step framework (which I think you’ll find incredibly useful) that we spent the bulk of this episode unpacking.

With that, please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Raquel Ferrari.

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Show Notes

  • Raquel and her role, and what it means leading enablement at an enablement organization. (00:02:34-00:03:58)
  • Community involvement and how it has significantly aided her work at Spekit. (00:03:59-00:06:11)
  • Tacit knowledge and the bottom-up approach. (00:06:12-00:10:15)
  • Raquel’s challenges in her role, and how she has approached them. (00:10:16-00:15:05)
  • Her current priorities and focus, and the actions and solutions she is taking to tackle them. (00:15:06-00:21:11)
  • Raquel’s three step framework for deciding how to create content and communicate with her sales team. (00:21:12-00:31:41)
  • The unique approach in training managers and the “coaching committee.” (00:31:42-00:37:54)
  • The growth mindset and how to avoid a culture of fear of failure.(00:37:55-00:41:29)
  • What does learning culture mean? (00:41:30-00:42:13)
  • What is she reading/learning about now? (00:42:14-00:44:15)
  • Why does Raquel do what she does? (00:44:16-00:45:39)
  • Where you can find her on social media. (00:45:40-00:46:33)

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