Gwyn Wansbrough on 13 Practical Tips for Facilitating Transformational Learning Experiences

Joining me this week for today’s special learning nuggets episode is super-facilitator Gwyn Wansbrough.

Gwyn is an independent Facilitator, Learning Experience Designer, and Course Creator. She focuses on empowering educators and team leaders with the skills to make learning and facilitating meetings more creative. Her focus is on human-centered learning, with an emphasis on group learning. She specializes in crafting group experiences that lead to deep, significant breakthroughs.

I’ve worked with Gwyn for a number of years now and have seen firsthand what an incredible mastery she has of facilitating gatherings of people, whether in meetings or during learning experiences. And obviously, for our purposes, and for the work we do at Curious Lion, it’s been so interesting to apply that in the live learning experiences we include within our cohort learning experiences.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have expert facilitation of the live experiences. These are the make-or-break components of any cohort learning experience. And we have learned so much from working with Gwyn in making these high-impact, highly engaging, and highly transformational experiences.

In this learning nugget episode, Gwyn is going to lead us through how to craft these truly transformational facilitated experiences. She offers deep insight gleaned from her years of field experience, and directly answers the burning questions that I know many of you have.

So, without further ado, please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Gwyn Wansbrough.

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Show Notes

  • The innovative method Gwyn uses to design a workshop for a group. (00:02:40-00:08:51)
  • The most important part of a session: the start, and how to approach it. (00:09:30-00:14:27)
  • The balance between the facilitator and the attendees in engagement and speaking. (00:14:28-00:16:59)
  • Best practices for wrapping up a session. (00:17:00-00:19:18)
  • Gwyn’s facilitation advice to our audience. (00:19:19-00:20:25)


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