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What worked before is no longer working

Every day, we face dozens of decisions in uncertain, volatile environments.

But we’ve only been taught to use one tool to navigate this chaos: logic.

Logic is useful for predicting and planning.

But as we all know, unpredicted events can destroy the best-made plans.

The leadership crisis of today

Is the inability to manage uncertainty.

Creative, non-linear thinking leads to creative, non-linear outcomes

Our methodology trains executives to solve high-impact problems in the face of uncertainty.

Used by the most classified units in the U.S. military.

Tailored to your business by our team of Learning Architects.

Ideal for high potential programs.

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“That was my first sales training that actually felt applicable to the job.

– Head of Sales @ Faire.

Curious Lion has never steered us wrong. We trust their suggestions because they always exceed our expectations.

– Head of People Development @ PagerDuty.

A comparison of twelve differences between managers and leaders

Change is accelerating

Adaptive intelligence is the new differentiator

We need our managers to become leaders

How it works

Identify your top challenges

Problem definition is half the battle. Partner with us to identify and define your top challenges and let’s win the war.

Customize your workshop

Let us craft a custom agenda for a kick-off workshop to introduce the tools and facilitate you using them on real problems.

Fast-test your solutions

Generate original ideas and fast-test your solutions for immediate business impact, then partner with us to scale your breakthroughs. 

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We create engaging learning experiences to train your teams.

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