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“You get us! We appreciate your choice, picking up on the nuances of our conversations, and taking things to the next level: A curriculum for learning.”

– Nicole Jurinek, Client Executive at Alight Solutions


“Hire a bunch of reps, then figure out enablement.”


Your revenue motion is the engine that either catapults your growth or shrinks your brand into oblivion.

Would you build a house without an architect’s blueprint?

Your revenue motion is the house.

As the founder or sales leader, you are the owner of this house.

Enablement is the architect’s blueprint.

10-15 hours with an experienced enablement leader can make or break 100’s of seller hours in the first few months alone.

We understand where you are

You don’t have funds to invest in a full-time enabler.

You need to invest in sellers, especially in this economic climate.

And you absolutely cannot afford to lose your existing ones.

We get that.

Let's remove that trade-off for you

Hire the sellers AND partner with us for revenue enablement as a service.

Get an expert enabler to help you set your strategy right from the get-go.

As you scale, you’ll build on a solid base of low attrition until you don’t need our service anymore.

We’ll even help you find your full-time enablement hire when the time is right.

And we’ll guarantee results or your money back.

Yeah, you read that right.

If we don’t perform, you don’t pay.

What have you got to lose?

It’s time to think of enabling your revenue team as core to your business, not a compliment to it.


“If you are passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences, Curious Lion can help you build the learning culture you need to scale skills for the future.

– Phylicia Jones, Global People Development at PagerDuty


We're taking the Curious Lion special sauce, and partnering with industry expert enablers

Petek Hawkins - revenue enablement
#RevenueEnablement #Operations #Methodology

VP of Revenue Enablement, Pax8

Del Nakhi - Revenue Enabler
#StrategicChange #SalesProductivity #GTMStrategy+execution

Sr. Director, Global Revenue Enablement, MariaDB

paul butterfield revenue enablement
#GTMStrategy #GTMEnablement #SalesMethodology

Executive Board President, Sales Enablement Society

stephanie white revenue enablement
#ScalingGTM #BuildingEnablement

Enablement Leader, B2B SaaS

Shannon Hempel - revenue enabler
#Onboarding #LeadershipDevelopment

Founder & President, EnableUp | Co-founder, WiSE

Nikki Schanzer​ Revenue Enablement
#SalesProcess #LeadershipDevelopment

Leadership Development Sales Performance Consultant, LinkedIn

#SDREnablement #GoToMarketEnablement #SalesMethodology

Director of Revenue Enablement, Instructure

#RepConfidence #ProductEnablement #EnablementStack

Revenue Enablement Director, Guru

Get multiple pairs of expert eyes to identify opportunities for sales team transformation

Unlock and scale new opportunities to grow revenue with specialists in every aspect of revenue team development and enablement

GTM Strategy

Leadership Development

Sales Methodology


Sales Process

Sales Productivity

SDR/BDR Development


Enablement Stack

Startups to Scale


Manager Upskilling

No matter what your tech stack looks like, we can help you boost sales productivity

We work with any enablement tool to optimize and measure your revenue motion













Get tailored advice and solutions to create systems for repeatable sales success

Here's high-level how it works



Let us examine your revenue motion and goals. We’ll give you a prioritized list of opportunities for improvement.



Our team of experts will craft tailored processes, content, and activities to level up your revenue team.



Use our game-changing approach to networked knowledge creation and coaching to scale your revenue team for decades to come.

Build world-class sales effectiveness programs on-demand

Expert advice

Get matched with the right experts for your business and see results in the first few weeks.

Plug ‘n play programs

Hit the ground running with out-the-box programs we tailor for your business.

Scalable solutions

Our unique approach to networked knowledge will scale no matter how big your business grows.

Fully guaranteed

We will tie our performance to your key business metrics. If we don’t move the needle, you get your money back.

It's never too late to start, and if you act now, here's what you can expect to see in your team

⬆️ Pipeline

by upskilling your SDR and BDR teams

⬆️ Quota attainment

by enabling your reps for proactive outreach

⬆️ Expansion revenue

by teaching your team to consult with confidence 

⬆️ Customer retention

by responding more rapidly to client needs

⬆️ Sales velocity

by crowd-sourcing best practice for live deals

Retain know-how

by increasing knowledge sharing and capture

Do more with less

by dialling up skills in creativity and decision-making

Attract great people

by developing great people that tell other great people about you

And here's how we’ve helped teams like yours create systems for repeatable success

Why use revenue enablement as a service?

Traditionally, companies had to choose between hiring an in-house enablement professional or figuring it out themselves. With the rise of remote work and a tough economy, enablers are chipping in to offer their expertise. Here’s why you need to prioritize what we call Total Enablement now. 

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Gain a competitive revenue edge with Curious Lion and the world’s best enablers


Not ready to partner, but down to learn?

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Learning By Teaching

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” – Peter Drucker In my late 20’s I was


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