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The most popular link by far was the shopping cart for my new course 🥳 You can find more details about it here.

Atomic Habits

You’re probably thinking, the last thing I need right now is another Atomic Habits summary. Funnily enough, I had a similar thought about the book itself. I had seen enough summaries, so when my Dad gave me a copy for my birthday, I almost rolled my eyes. But I gave it a go, and trust me, always go to the source. I took so many notes and today I want to share some thoughts on Teacher Identity.

I’m convinced that if you want to transform people through education, you have to make an identity change. You have to connect with your Teacher Identity within.

As James Clear says in the book:

This is what Course of Action is all about (updates on my course below). My aim is to help people identify how they can uniquely help others (through courses, but also through coaching, speaking, writing, making videos etc.).

To do that, you have to take action. But before you take action, you have to know where you’re headed.

So ask yourself, who is the type of person that can help others with the knowledge they possess?

Focus on that identity, rather than outcomes like course sales or even student transformations.

Those will follow.

Grab a copy of Atomic Habits

Course of Action

The community is up and running!

We had an incredible kick-off event last week. Palpable energy. People are already flying through the content quicker than I can put it out. But luckily they’ve got 12 months to go through it, and I let them in on a little secret in the call.

Want to know what the secret is?

Reply with the word ‘secret’ and I’ll let you know.

Learn more about Course of Action

Disco Accelerator

Last week kicked off yet another online course for me: I’m a student in the Disco accelerator for how to create an online course. I must say, it’s nice not leading one of these for a change 🙂

I’m really impressed with their platform so far. I’ll be graduating from this program with a new course.

Yep, another course.

This one will be for talent development professionals. I want to teach talent leaders at companies like current clients Pinterest and PagerDuty how to create cultures of continuous learning.

If you’re in a talent development role, can you do me a favor?

Please hit reply and let me know what your biggest challenge is with creating a learning culture.

How Did You Learn That?

In ep 44, I learned from the creator of the Lean UX methodology, Jeff Gothelf, on how to be forever employable. This is a great conversation for anyone who wants to develop their authority as a thought leader.

More on episode 44

In ep 45, I had the pleasure of practicing breathing with my diaphragm with voice coach and speaking-with-confidence expert Caroline Goyder. Who knew our voice, breath and the way we speak could be so philosophical?

More on episode 45

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