Growth without goals

Inside this Sunday:

  • I’m reading about growth without goals.
  • I’m working on launching our new podcast this week!
  • I’m thinking about NFTs for the family.

Greetings from sunny South Africa 🇿🇦 where it’s been mid-70’s with no wind most of our trip.

It’s absolute magic being back here, seeing friends for hikes and wine tastings, and for Leo to spend so much time with his grandparents.

It’s also been a challenge adapting to a slower internet and infrastructure.

We take for granted so many things in our lives.

I’ve realized I took for granted how easy it is to run a business with just a laptop and a good internet connection.

Being out of my regular routine has forced me to adapt. And while I raged against it a little bit at the start, I adapted pretty quickly.

And you know what?

Business (and life) has continued to flow along smoothly.

Those of you who read my 2021 Year in Review will know my theme for this year is Finding Flow.

This trip put that intention to the test in a more extreme way and I’m grateful for it.

Sometimes we need to seek out challenges to know if we’re on the right track.

It’s kind of like learning: it’s hard.

But that’s the point. If it wasn’t so hard, we probably wouldn’t realize how magical it is.

See you in two weeks ✌️

p.s. have a listen to the 3-min trailer (on Spotify or Apple Podcasts) for our brand new podcast launching on Friday!



Almost double the amount of clicks (120+) as the next highest went to my summary of the epic book, The Fifth Discipline. Well worth a read if you work in a company or are passionate about teaching others.


Growth Without Goals

Patrick O’Shaughnessy is a phenomenal writer and this is one of his most thought-provoking essays from 2016.

In it, he reflects on when he first learned his wife was pregnant with their first child.

The thing that jumped out for me was his observation that “success is about building a set of daily practices.”

On a hike last week, I was discussing with an old friend how nothing we’ve ever achieved has come about as an overnight success.

Yet I spent the first 2 years of running my business aiming for just that.

It took me that long to realize that it’s not about hitting home runs.

It’s about stringing together the singles and applying the one force we have no control over – time.

It’s about consistency and patience.

As O’Shaughnessy puts it, “continuous, habitual practice(s) trumps achievement-based success.”

Being present in the moment

This mindset is, of course, about being present in the moment.

O’Shaughnessy uses a quote from one of my favorite philosophers and writers, Jiddu Krishnamurti, to show how the mindset is linked to creativity:

“Man lives by time. Inventing the future has been man’s favorite game of escape. We think that changes in ourselves can come about in time, that order in ourselves can be built up little by little, added to day by day. But time doesn’t bring order or peace, so we must stop thinking in terms of gradualness. This means that there is no tomorrow for us to be peaceful in. We have to be orderly on the instant. It is only then [when the mind is completely still] that the mind is free because it is no longer desiring anything; it is no longer seeking; it is no longer pursuing a goal, an ideal—which are all the projections of a conditioned mind. And if you ever come to that understanding, in which there can be no self-deception, then you will find that there is a possibility of the coming into being of that extraordinary thing called creativity.

Another great application of this idea is in hiring.

Instead of asking:

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Rather ask:

“What things do you think are important to do every day?”

I’m going to start using this, and I anticipate a much richer answer to help us assess people.

👉Read the full article


The Learning Culture Experience

Just over a month away from kicking this off, and we’re getting really excited!

If you want to learn about the experience, we’re doing another live webinar on Mar 17 – you can register here

Please share this with anyone you know responsible for learning in teams.

📆 The course starts on April 11, 2022

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The Learning Culture Podcast

We are launching the new podcast this week!

The show is about uncovering how to cultivate a Learning Culture at a company.

We have a 3-min trailer episode up – have a listen to learn what it’s about and get a sneak peek of our soundtrack!

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Course Creator Breakthroughs

C3 continues to help members with incredible breakthroughs.

Check out what Justin is doing:

Meanwhile Rui Qing continues to grow her Notion business by pitching workshops and offerings to students and their parents.

Do you have an online course you want to take to the next level?

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I minted my very first NFTs last week, right here in South Africa while on vacation.

These NFTs act as tokens for a community I’m part of that educates people on the world of web3.

I decided to get one for each of us in our family, so what follows is Jill’s, then mine, then Leo’s

Purely speculative, and a lot of fun.

What do you think?

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