Leadership Buy-in for Learning (LCC 02 – E 03)

LCC 2 - Leadership Buy-in for Learning

In this highlight from the round table discussion, the learning leaders discuss leadership buy-in for learning.

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Andrew Barry

How are you seeing that in the organisation? What is a good example of leadership buy-in to learning?

Lisa O’Donnell

I think I think it’s critical. I think without it, there’s absolutely no way to be successful fully. You can put band aids over some things, but just if they don’t believe in it, if they’re not supportive, it will never get off the ground, whatever initiative you’re trying to do, to be honest. I mean, a good example, I think of where we’ve been successful is obviously, like you mentioned, Alec this Training Centre, we had our firm partnership, and I don’t remember if PwC Andy, do you guys have the same? Because like, I know ny has one. Deloitte has one, but I don’t remember if you do

Andy Spector

a centralised location against now, especially with COVID, where we’re pushing very virtual, but we have like more virtual academies, things like that. We used to, we used to have stuff in like Orlando.

Lisa O’Donnell

Okay. Yeah. It’s a hot, hot spot. That’s where our new one is in Orlando. But, I mean, obviously, the partnership invested in billions of dollars to build this centre. And so you had they, they had, you had to get everybody on board from every single level of the firm for that amount of money and investment to go in to learning.

Alec Miller

I love to see that the numbers and stuff that helped drive that decision? Lisa, you know what I mean? Like I yeah, Adrew want to bring up? How do we get leadership to buy in? One of the things is the money? How do I show them that if you train everybody, this class, or this amount of hours, that you save this amount of money, you know what I mean, because that’s why we’re about it’s a business, they care about the bottom line. And if I can save them, $10 a person or $1,000 a person or whatever. It’s actually one of the I’m very passionate about onboarding. And one of the things that I have shown is there’s lots of data and articles out there about it cost so much more money to hire a new person than to retain one. Right. So I have strived I used to own an onboarding programme at my last company. And now here, I’m just a guy that kind of touches it a little bit. But I have really tried to touch it a lot saying, hey, if we get people in, if we get them excited, their first two weeks, they suddenly become a real risk connector, you know, I work at Riskonnect, well, then they’re gonna want to stay here for years. And they’re gonna that by and we’ll stick around and they’ll end up saving you thousands of dollars from not having to reinvest in another new employee. So with the onboarding stuff, I’ve actually been able to make some headway with that with some of the leaders because there are good kind of numbers and articles and you know, data points out there that I don’t have to find it right here. Like what is the dollar value? Anyway, dollars, man, it all comes back to dollars. That’s what I think how do you

Lisa O’Donnell

It does, the other thing I would layer on to this those I think, like in your situation, Alec, but we’ve gotten, you’ve gotten there, like upfront excitement about joining your organisation and the passion for the firm, but like, I like to Celine’s example, because it seems like that’s an ongoing thing. They’re trying to ingrain in their culture, there is this passion for your group for your organisation. And I think going back to our other conversation about like, what’s the intrinsic motivation when you care about something when you care about the overall success of your firm, the company that you work for, you will invest more time so the more you can cultivate that, beyond just the onboarding, I think you’ll see like longer term results and keeping people’s motivation keep people’s attention.



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